3 Fool-Proof Ways to Get Clients This Week

The number one priority for any business is to make sales that generate revenue.  A day without sales is a day without income, which jeopardizes the longevity of your company.  Many business owners spend way too much time on marketing strategies that don’t provide cash flow.  Entrepreneurs often mistakenly busy themselves with tasks that feel like they’re their building their company, such as building their website, writing programs, planning, advertising, etc.   But these tasks are a classic manifestation of putting the cart before the horse.

The truth is that spending time or money on marketing strategies before there is consistent pattern of cashflow is the #1 fatal mistake that many business owners make.  Get the clients, bring in some revenue, and then use that cash flow to hire experts who can build your website and help you with marketing tasks while you continue to make sales.

Here are three fool-proof ways to get clients this week:

1. Call old clients: Many company’s receive 80% of their revenue from 20% of their loyal customers.  Contact previous clients and offer them the opportunity to renew their program.  Design a special maintenance, jump start or renewal program and recapture your raving fans!

2. Generate Leads: Offer a complimentary strategy session to your email subscribers, website visitors, blog readers and social media connections. Or, offer strategy sessions as a bonus to paid programs, product purchases, workshop registrations, etc.  Fill your schedule with prospective clients who are interested in learning more about your services, and convert those leads into paying clients.

3. Make calls:  Pick up the phone and reach out to people on you list, previous leads, and anyone who you think might be a good fit for your program.  Approach each call from a place of service with the goal of relationship building and offering a helping hand.  If the conversation provides the opportunity to recommend a specific program or product that would be a good fit for the problems the person you are speaking to has, then go for it!  This is a great way to build connections, receive referral business, and sign up clients.

These three strategies are fool-proof ways most successful entrepreneurs use to build their business.  Which of these are you going to start using to sign up new clients this week? Leave me a comment, I’d love to hear your thoughts. 🙂


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  1. Thanks for your comment Jennifer. Relationship building is the key to success, plus it’s very rewarding. Makes working so much more fun! 🙂

  2. Thanks Lacey. What I often see is that people shy away from mastering their sales techniques and try to rely on leads coming to them. Generate the sales first, then invest in marketing that automates lead generation. It’s a fool-proof plan.

  3. Hi Linda, have you tried calling people with the intention of creating a connection and being of service? This often results in getting clients, or creates a flow of future clients. Are you working with a coach who can help you polish your sales skills?

  4. Good evening Cheryl,

    This sounds fine and I heartily agree that spending on marketing should follow the inflow of cash – the problem comes if you’re struggling to get the clients in the first place!

  5. Good points, Cheryl. The temptation to spend past one’s business budget is a huge problem in home-based businesses also. I was just having a similar conversation this week with someone about the importance of maintaining balance between the sales cash flow and marketing expenses. So important. Lacey 🙂

  6. Cheryl –

    In the social media era, it is so easy to forget how powerful that personal connection is. I’ve gotten two new clients this week as a result of your #1 and #2 tips…next up is #3! Thanks for a great reminder on how important those personal connections are.

    Jennifer Peek
    Find Your New Groove

  7. Great suggestions as always Cheryl!

    I like reaching out to previous clients and picking up the phone. I just did a round of offering free sessions, for one offer, but I think I would benefit from creating a bunch of different kinds of free sessions to see which ones get the most attention.

  8. Dear Cheryl, thank you, some very good advice, which has reminded me to expand on the potential already in existence, rather than always having to invent new ways of reaching new clients. I will be calling old clients, and asking for testimonials etc. I will certainly be applying the strategies you have suggested. Thanks again, kind regards, Marie x

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