3 Simple Ways to Attract Ideal Clients

One of the topics I discuss the most with my private platinum clients is how to attract clients who are a dream to work with, are motivated to get what they are paying for, and also value the benefits they receive from hiring a coach. Working with dream clients who get results and are a pleasure to work with is much better alternative to attracting clients who are difficult to work with and test our boundaries.

There are three simple techniques which can dramatically improve the quality of clients you are attracting, and ultimately can increase profits as well.

First, raise your fees. Having discount fees will only attract discount clients. The clients who will invest in themselves without second guessing your prices are almost always clients who will be committed and motivated to get what they are paying for.

Secondly, have a high level of integrity when working with your own contractors, employees and mentors. Remember, how you act is what you will attract. Always stay in alignment and be true to your word when dealing with others. If you are seeing a pattern with clients around dropping out of the program, canceling their payments, being late to sessions, and are overstepping boundaries, etc., consider evaluating what you may be doing to unconsciously attract this in your business.

And finally, always tune into your intuition when interviewing new clients. Usually we know fairly quickly whether a prospective clients will be a good fit for our business. If their energy and personality is in contrast your own, it’s best to let that client go elsewhere no matter how badly you’d like to sign up a new client that day.

When we don’t follow our inner compass, it usually results in working with clients who are the opposite of being ideal and cost us much more than what they have paid. And usually a more ideal client is just around the corner. If you have any comments you’d like to share, I”d love to hear what you have to say!


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  1. Well said Kim, intuition is a powerful tool. I’ve found that when I wasn’t paying attention, the push back is usually even more attention getting. My business coach LOVES how mindful I am of the fact that how I treat HER is how my clients will treat ME, lol.

  2. Great advice as always, Cheryl. I am finding more and more than paying attention to my intuition, and honoring it when interviewing prospective clients or vendors, is hugely important. A great reminder every day is to BE the kind of client and service provider than I want to attract. –kim

  3. I like the first point Cheryl.

    It’s crazy how simply having higher fees appeals to higher end customers all else the same.

    However, I would add that if you’re going to be high fee, be sure to deliver high value.

    I’m sure it’s easier to give highly to clients when you’re not struggling to earn enough.

  4. Hey Cheryl, I’m checking out your blog. I like your simple and direct voice. With respect to raising fees, let me add 2 things I’ve noticed about raising fees.

    One very odd thing about raising fees is that people associate value with higher fees – generally. They value your services more and are more committed to reaping their investment. That’s good.

    But also, being sure that you are delivering high value for that fee. There are many easy ways to boost the value a health pro can deliver to clients so that clients are more apt to agree to health coaching.

    Great stuff, looking forward to seeing your new stuff unfold.

  5. Great advice! I have had this problem and will be taking action on raising fees and setting boundaries!

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