3 Threats that Can Halt Your Results in Business

Business Graph v6The word “results” can be either a noun or a verb depending on the usage.  “Results” is a word that business owners throw around when discussing growth, improvement, and returns on investment.  Results can also be a misnomer, an oxymoron and a mirage.  Sometimes getting “results” is simply a matter of shifting your perspective a little.

Here are three threatening mindsets that might be precluding you from getting the success you ultimately desire.

1. Long range results: For many entrepreneurs, focusing on a specific set of results can stop the process of achievement.  For example, being too focused on creating revenue, attracting clients or launching a project can create more stress and frustration than simply focusing on the individual action steps that lead to the result.  Even worse, the frustration can cause some to give up and quit.   Sometimes the best way to achieve your goals is to focus on your moving feet rather than the finish line.

Create a plan, and follow the steps for at least a few weeks and try to ignore all signs of improvement or lack of progress.

2. Tangible Results: Business is just a math equation, and even the most mathematically challenged business owners know that revenue must be higher than expenses in order to have a sustainable business.  Yet focusing too much on the bottom line can impact morale, confidence and most importantly, customer service.  Not everyone is equipped with the head space to crunch numbers, keep organized records, and crunch numbers.  Let your book keeper generate your P&L statements so you can focus on what you do best.

It’s much more empowering and peaceful to concentrate on providing more value to clients and customers, and the money will follow.  Count your clients and let your accountant calculate the cash flow.

3. Sell the result: Sales trainers will tell you to sell the sizzle, not the steak.  In other words, sell the results that your clients need and want.  Lagging sales are often because the salesperson tries to sell the service or product, not the value or possibility.

However, many marketing mentors will also recommend that you detach from the outcome your clients achieve in order to protect your sanity.  We can’t want results more than our clients want them for themselves.   Reducing stress safeguards the safety of a business.

However, it’s a fine line between ethical and sane.  As someone who invests in her clients equally as much as they invest in me, I’ve found that it’s better to teach our clients how to focus on achievable results and position our services accordingly.   Never sell an outcome that isn’t reasonably achievable.  Frustrated clients are even more dangerous than the business owner’s frustration.

Consider implementing at least one of the above strategies for a month see if there is a shift in your “results”.   If you have a question or comment, leave one below, I’d love to get your feedback.


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