4 Powerful Venues for Victorious Visibility

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As a visibility and marketing coach-sultant, clients hire me to help them to dramatically increase their online and offline presence to attract more clients, traffic, and publicity.

There are over a dozen techniques, tools, and strategies we rely on to make this happen quickly, but here are four of my favorite and most effective ways to get on the map overnight:


One of the hottest ways to increase visibility in 2011 is through the use of video.  Internet marketing tests have shown time after time that internet users respond favorably to video. Simple videos can increase sales, contacts, subscriber rates, website traffic, and also improve virtually every other call to action. Search engines also favor websites which utilize videos.

If you haven’t been utilizing video marketing in the past, now is the time to start getting video on your website, social media sites, and sales pages.  Modern technology makes it a snap to film, record and upload videos to your website and video hosting sites such as YouTube.

Brief videos of less than two minutes which contain clear calls to action (such as to visit your website) are the best way to get started with effective video marketing.


Blogging for business has become part of any strategic online marketing plan due to its effectiveness for increasing visibility, credibility and website traffic.  The capability to integrate RSS feed technology to send new posts to subscribers gives marketers yet another technique to get seen by clients.  Posts that integrate competitive keyword phrases often have an excellent opportunity for high rankings in the search engines.  Fresh and original content is favored by the search engines and can boost a website’s placement in the search engines.

It is recommended to post 2-3 times per week to keep your readers interested and coming back on a regular basis and also gain favor with search engines.

Email Newsletters:

Publishing a newsletter on a regular basis will keep you and your business in front of past and prospective clients.  You’ve already established some type of relationship with your subscribers, and they liked you enough to subscribe and stay on your list, so your eZine can become one of your most effective marketing strategies.

When subscribers especially like parts of your newsletter, they will forward it to a friend or share it with their social media connections, which then gives your eZine an opportunity to increase your visibility even further, and possibly go viral.

Teleseminar of your Signature Talk:

You’ve probably seen some of the well known internet marketers making the circuits and being promoted by other marketers, and they are usually talking about the same topic.  This is referred to as a “signature talk”.  It’s a speech which is created and then delivered practically the same every time and gives the background of the speaker, and overview of their expertise.

To craft your own signature speech, sit down and write about your background, your mission, and your expertise.  Give the who, what, where, when and why, but leave out the “how”.  Then include calls to action on how listeners can learn more about your services.



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  1. Hello
    I signed up but did not receive the additional 40 steps. Also wanted to say this is great that you have set this up. I will read all the info and stay connected for guidance.

    Thank you

  2. Thank you my friend. As you know, the title is usually the key factor of a reader’s decision to read further or not. I always try to make my title based on a juicy benefit, I try to use a number, and then I often love to use alliteration when I can. Of course if there is any way I can use some humor and levity, I’ll use that without shame as well.

    Thanks for the comment, the love and for facilitating discussion. 🙂

  3. “Victorious Visibility” great phrase!

    I absolutely love titling things.

    Coach-sultant, another nice phrase.

    Cheryl, what would you say are your personal favorite tricks to a catchy title?



  4. Thanks for the comment Maureen! I’m glad you found a good take-away. Invite me to your teleseminer, I’d love to hear how you implement this. 🙂

  5. Hi Cheryl:

    Love the teleseminar of a signature talk; what a great idea!

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