4 Ways to Quickly Boost Your Sales & Income

The top priority of any business owner is to make sales and create revenue.  A day without revenue is a day that your business becomes a non-profit status.  Therefore, it’s absolutely imperative to create systems and marketing plans that consistently provide your business with the sales and revenue you need to continue growing and expanding.

Sales and marketing skills are the most important skills a business owner has, and the success of their company is directly related to these resources.

Here are the top four ways to increase your sales this week and stay focused:

1. Get On the Phone: The biggest mistake I see clients making is not being proactive about bringing in the business.  Many entrepreneurs wait for the phone to ring rather than being assertive about going to their potential customers.  This one mindset shift can completely turn your company around in a matter of hours.  80% of most company’s revenue comes from the same 20% of their clients.   Call that 20% and from a place of service, see how you can help.  You know who they are and you should have their phone numbers.

2. Lead Systems: Having an organized system of tracking leads is a very important part of the follow up process.  Keep track of potential leads, and create systems for staying in touch with hot prospects.  This creates a funnel of future clients and revenue.   There are many online tools and software that makes this simple, or create your own spreadsheet in Google docs.  Even a simple index card with monthly tabs is better than not having any follow up protocols at all.

3.  Goals and Revenue Tracking: The beginning of each month I create sales and revenue goals.  I then track my sales and income every day with a detailed tracking sheet that I keep next to my computer on a daily basis.  This gives me a daily reminder of where I am with my goals and keeps me focused and motivated.

4. Accountability: In addition to the tracking tools I use, I also have accountability factors that keep me from not moving my business forward in leaps and bounds.  First of all, I have employees who I need to pay every week, as well as a hefty five-figure monthly payment to my business coach.  I view these investments with gratitude and am happy to pay them every month.  I wouldn’t be where I am today with my loyal and talented team, and my brilliant mentor.

Which of these four strategies do you need to employ?  Please leave me a comment, I’d love to hear your thoughts.


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