5 Fool Proof Strategies for Creative Marketing

Finding ways to be creative with marketing is essential in order to gain attention.  The bar has been raised for marketers in practically all fields. Think about the Super Bowl and how the commercials create as much buzz as the game and the half-time show.  If you can find a way to communicate your message in a way that is amusing, thought provoking, and/or moving, the greater the opportunity that your promotional efforts will be successful.

Health Coach Meme: This is going viral

Here are five strategies to keep in mind when designing your next campaign:

1.  Create Value:  The first thing to keep in mind is what is the value you want to provide to your audience?  What are the solutions your prospective clients are searching for, and what types of tools, checklists, and reference guides can be provided to meet their needs?  The more value you can provide, the more likely it is that the content will be saved, printed, shared, etc.

2. Competition: Take a look at the marketing and promotions your competitors are creating.  Try to determine what is working well and where the may be potential gaps that your marketing can fill in.  It’s also beneficial to know what has already been done so your marketing doesn’t feel repetitive.

3. Branding: Every company should have a strong grasp on their branding, mission, and message so that it is clearly communicated.  The goal is to have a cohesive marketing strategy that supports your goals and business plan.  Having a well defined niche and ideal client in mind will help keep your marketing efforts connected.

4. Outside the box:  Where can your marketing set your company apart from what’s already been done?  Look for inspiration and set the intention to having an open mind where creative ideas will flow.  Let your creativity be expressed in a way that reflects your personality.  Express yourself with color, images, humor, interests, and/or passion.  As long as you remain true to your brand and communicate your message in a clear and concise manner, you should be able to create a theme that can be repeated.  Think about creative companies like FreeCreditReport.com commercials, Zappos, and Apple and what you can glean from their campaigns.

5. Timely Inspiration: Look for inspiration in current events, holidays, the seasons, etc.  For example, how can you tie your business into things like spring, the Kentucky Derby, gas prices, or the Summer Olympics?  We’re working on a couple of fun info-graphics that ties into of-the-moment news, and we will share these on social networks like Facebook and Pinterest and hope for a viral effect.

Creativity is something that everyone can tap into to promote their products and services.  How do you express your creativity in your marketing? Please leave me a comment below, I”d love to hear.


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  1. Love the Health Coach Meme!
    And tip #5 is great! Time to get the calendar out and get creative. Thank you!

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