5 No Fail Ways to Fetch Facebook Fans

get Facebook fansHave you noticed that Facebook fan pages are the new black? Practically every Fortune 500 company has replaced invitations to visit their website with the suggestion to find them on Facebook in marketing campaigns. Whether it’s TV commercials, print ads or direct marketing, “Find us on Facebook” is a phrase that’s become commonplace. And why is that? Because it’s an easy way to capture a customer’s attention if it’s done correctly.

Sending a customer to a website only pays off if the person feels compelled to subscribe in the sign up box so the business can later market to that customer via email marketing. In contrast, it’s MUCH more simple to entice a Facebook fan to click the “like” button. It’s much more likely to get someone to click “like” than to cough up their email address. Makes sense, right?

Yet one of the biggest questions I get from clients is how to increase the number of Facebook fans. Like any other form of marketing, attracting and keeping Facebook fans requires having a clear and consistent marketing plan. Here are five simple yet effective ways to increase your fans on your Facebook page.

1. Tempt them: Facebook fan pages have become competitive, practically every business has a profile on Facebook and are vying for attention. There is a limit of 500 pages that any person can belong to, and fans are becoming more discriminating. Why should they click the “like” button? It’s not longer effective to just put up a profile that takes less than ten minutes and think if you build it they will come. Offer a free give away that they can only access once they click “like”. Be sure it’s something fun and juicy that your target market would actually want to receive.

2. Customize: I just redesigned my Facebook fan page from top to bottom, and we created a beautiful new Welcome page that entices people to “click the like button” and receive a free gift. We also created a fun story board for my “Who is Cheryl?” tab which is an amusing synopsis of who I am and my background. Plus we included an opt in form to entice new subscribers to my email list.

Utilize the custom tabs options and don’t let fans arrive on your wall. Make sure they are welcomed with a fun and attention grabbing page that will make them want to hang out for a bit. Remember, the psychology of a Facebook user is that they are looking for mindless FUN. They aren’t on Facebook to be sold, which is why Facebook ads that sell are failing miserably. Once you have your page set up with fun, compelling, and enticing elements that amuse your visitor, then you are ready to really start increasing your fan base.

3. Invite them: Once your page is set up, you will be well positioned to start driving traffic to your page. Announce your fan page make-over on your personal Facebook page and other social networking sites such as Twitter and LinkedIn. Invite your newsletter subscribers to grab your new give away by dropping by your new Facebook page and watch your list of fans grow quickly.

4. Market your page: Remember to add the link to your Facebook fan page everywhere you would promote your website link. Include it on your business card, your email signature line, marketing materials, newsletter, and in your social media profiles. Don’t forget to mention that you have a free gift waiting. There will be some SEO benefits as well that goes along with building links to your fan page and that can help your page to show up on page 1 for some juicy keywords.

5. Cross Promote: Facebook offers easy to use fan page widgets, banners, and other promotional help. Create your fan page “like” button to paste into your website sidebar as a widget. Be sure to use the widget that captures visitors as a fan. Also, be sure to mention your Facebook fanpage link in your video marketing. The more place you can promote, the more fans you will attract. Don’t forget to link to your fan page in your blog posts also.

Take a look at your Facebook fan page, and monitor the growth of your fan base. Then try these strategies to grow your list of raving fans, and your business.

Leave me any questions or comments below, and feel free to check out MY new Facebook fan page: www.Facebook.com/CherylHeppardFan 🙂





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  1. Hi Scott, Yes, I’m sure. Google it, I’ve seen it reported in a few places, including by Mari Smith and Facebook somewhere, probably their TOS.

  2. Are you sure about that 500 page limit? Doesn’t sound quite right…

  3. Great tips Cheryl. Thanks!

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