5 Ways the Superbowl is like business


The SuperBowl is like business

As I sit here watching the game, I thought it would be fun to write a blog post on how the Superbowl is similar to running a business.  There are so many similarities between a playoff game and running a business.

1. Competitors: Every business has competition. Our opposition help us to always bring our A game and never slip up because they are just waiting for us to drop the ball.  Because of them, we play harder and stay in shape, and hopefully learn some new plays once in awhile.

2. Coaches: Professional football teams are made up of the best players in the country, yet they still need coaches for guidance and structure.  Entrepreneurs need to have the drive, talent and creativity within to be successful, but a good coach can help keep them focused, organized, and moving forward with sytems and strategies that have been proven to work.

3. Team members: Individual players don’t win the game, it takes a whole team working together to defeat their opponents.  Solopreneurs often discover early in their endeavors that there is only so much they can accomplish on their own without a good team to share the workload.  Delegation and outsourcing to reliable employees are essential to success.

4. Success: The best teams are able to win the most games and go all the way to the highly coveted position of playing in the SuperBowl, where there are bonuses, trophies and jewelry if they win the big game.  Entrepreneurs who are successful will have more referrals, endorsements, media attention, income, and all the perks that come from success.

5. The Half Time Show: Half time is an exciting part of the SuperBowl that everyone looks forward to. The players get to rest, and the fans get to relax and watch a fun and memorable show.  Down time is essential to running a successful business.  Rest and self care is many times when we are the most creative and able to step back, enjoy life, and recharge for when the game resumes.

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