5 Ways to Raise Business Capital

You’ve heard the expression that “it takes money to make money”, right? There are always exceptions to the rule, but the reality is that there are many business investments that must be made to build a strong foundation for your business. The U.S. Small Business Administration reports that over 50% of small businesses fail in the first five years. Most experts believe that top two reasons for failure are due to lack of experience and insufficient capital.

The quagmire here is that in most cases it takes one to get the other. Capital can get you access to experience though mentors, coaching, consulting, etc. And experience opens the doors to cash flow from a myriad of places such as investors or clients. It’s a dizzying circle like the chicken and the egg.

I often get asked by clients who want to work with me for ideas of how to raise capital so they can get the coaching they desperately want and need. One of my own business coaches always says, “”we can always find the money for something we really want, and where there is motivation, the money will manifest.” That has been true for me, and I’ve had many of my own clients find a way to make it happen.

So how can you “make it happen” and raise the money you may need in able to work with a mentor who will help you build your strong foundation? Here are my top 5 ways to raise capital, whether it’s for the upcoming holiday expenses, or to gain access to the experience you need so you can create more income in 2012.

1. Sell your gold: About a year ago there were several business expenditures I wanted to make. I really wanted a MacBook, a new desk, and money to fund some marketing projects. Being that gold prices have been hovering around at all time high, I looked through my jewelry boxes. I found many broken gold chains that I never planned on wearing again, half pairs of gold earrings, and other gold jewelry that was out of style. I gathered it up and took it to my jeweler and brought in thousands of dollars of revenue that allowed me to buy some fun things for my business.

2. Sell your clothes: For the past ten years I’ve funded my shopping habit by taking the clothes that I had lost interest in to the consignment shop. The place I go to takes clothes that include outerwear, shoes, purses, belts, costume jewelry, and other accessories. I have recovered thousands of dollars by recycling my stuff. It feels great to make space, manifest some income and see what comes in to fill the space you created.

3. Sell your kids stuff: My girls have always been blessed with four sets of grandparents, a couple sets of great-grand parents, and several aunts and uncles. So they’ve always had plenty of stuff, plus they’ve always had a mom who loved to dress them well. But kids grow fast, and all their collective stuff, from books, to toys, to clothes, to athletic equipment gets outgrown on a yearly basis. All of it can be consigned, or put on Ebay or Craigslist to raise some fast cash.

4. Tap into your Talent: Many people have special talents that can be leveraged to raise quick cash. Can you sing, play the piano or instrument, cook, or plan parties? Put the word out that you’re available for hire. Special talents can bring in up to $100 an hour and working a few weekends can bring in the cash you need.

5. Apply for a credit card: Many start up entrepreneurs overlook one the easiest ways to find funding, which is applying for a business credit card. If your credit history is positive, it shouldn’t be difficult to get a credit card for your business. There are many benefits to having one, such as an easy bookkeeping record of expense. There is also a powerful mindset component that is created when you have the freedom of choice in making the right decisions for your business, and a monthly motivation reminder in the form of a bill that propels you forward to pay it off.

These are all fool-proof techniques for raising quick cash for your business. It’s a fantastic feeling to be manifest the funds you need to invest in your business. What are your favorite ways to create cash flow?


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  1. ruth sayson says:

    This is really a good tip to have additional CAPITAL FOR BUSINESS selling some stuff can be a good help. Thanks for the nice advice.

  2. A credit card for business is not a bad idea. As long as you put it only for business purposes. Many have come up with this and at the end they spend much using there card and got broke.

  3. Great idea Cheryl! I have a bunch of old jewlery from as far back as the 80’s I can sell!

  4. Cheryl,

    I, too, raised thousands of dollars this year selling gold jewelry. In the past several weeks I have taken a TON of clothes, shoes, bags, and other accessories to a consignment shop. I realized it was time to put some of the great stuff that I would never use again back into circulation, and generate some cash for myself in the process. As my husband and I prepare to relocate to Singapore for a few years, I intend to go through my home and figure out what we won’t be taking with us or putting in storage. So I may be putting a lot of those things on Craig’s List — great idea!

  5. Nina Frazier says:

    Great new holiday decorations! I have done the selling of the gold and surprisingly got over $800 for what I considered pretty much junk! I will check into he clothes consignment too. Thanks!

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