You might be wondering what my background is, so here is a fun infographic with the short story if you’re in a hurry:


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If you want the extended version, here it is…

I have lived in the metro-Detroit suburbs my entire life, Michigan is a beautiful state. I have always known that I would own my business someday and had an intuitive business sense.

I attended an all-girl Catholic high school, then majored in Elementary Education and English Literature in college. I sold real estate and worked for a property management company while attending college. I often lead the office in sales despite being the youngest and greenest agent in the office.

I married my husband, Mark Heppard, who owned a mortgage company. We met when we had a mutual client. Mark was in the top 1% of mortgage originators in the country for 13 years running. I helped him with marketing his extremely successful business while staying at home with our two girls.

In 2004 my mom passed away from cancer, and my girls were both in school full time. It was then that I started to feel like it was time to finally start a business. I had always been interested in health and holistic health, and considered becoming a dietitian but that didn’t feel “right”. So I threw myself into volunteering at my daughters’ school while I figured it out. The empty space created by my mother’s death was absolutely the catalyst for my new path. She was always an advocate for following your dreams, and went back to school in her late 3o’s to fulfill her lifelong dream of becoming a nurse.

In 2007 I heard about a school that certifies health coaches in New York City. I flew to New York on weekends ten times in ten months to become a board certified holistic health coach. My first company was MichiganHealthCoach.com. I started learning internet marketing once I realized that having clients find ME online easily became clients and everything else I was doing was NOT working.

I studied website search engine optimization techniques and got my website on page 1 of Google for the highly competitive keyword phrase “health coach”. I wanted to maximize my opportunities, so I studied copywriting, conversion techniques, and invested in over $100,000 worth of internet marketing programs, classes, trainings, mentoring, etc. The more I invested and studied, the more my revenue increased.

In marketing my health business, I also hosted a wildly popular local cooking class and learned how to connect with the media to get coverage. My class was featured in every local newspaper and magazine in the metro-Detroit area and really put my business on the map locally. Then I filmed a local TV show of my health food store tour at Whole Foods Market.

It was then I realized that I preferred the marketing side of my business more than any other part of it, and I transitioned gradually to teaching other health and wellness practitioners.

There you have it. I’m a mom, with two fantastic daughter’s, a successful husband, and I have a really fun life where I get to help other people who are as driven as I am to have it all, build the business of their dreams.

My signature system works step by step to help you know how to market YOUR businesses using my proven strategies and systems so you can rapidly boost your revenue and attract more clients. If you are the type of person who wants to have it ALL, then you may be my ideal client.

Contact me today to set up an interview to see if we’re a good fit to work together. Please know that I often have a wait list for private coaching availability.

My other websites include:

HealthyHandout.com: a done-for-you marketing resources store
CoachPressKits.com: Done-for-you press kits
FrontStreetPR.com: Internet marketing services for small and medium sized businesses
TweetHolisticHealth: An app that provides health facts to automatically tweet or post to Facebook

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