Brownies for Blogging

inspiration for blogging

Eat a brownie, then blog about it

How to find Blogging Inspiration

Is your blog boring your readers to tears?  One way to judge is by using your analytics to measure your readers, subscribers, comments, and social media sharing to determine if readers are raving or snoozing.  If readers (or non-readers) think your blog is boring, it might be your own boredom coming through.  Are you bored with writing, or do you rarely update your postings because you struggle with deciding what to write about?  Perhaps it’s inspiration you need.

Inspiration is easy if you make an active choice to look for it.  Readers are voyeurs, they love to know how other people live, so share some personal stories.  True stories are much more interesting than boring facts, figures, and information on latest studies.  Find a way to combine information with a personal twist for a winning blog post combination.  It’s easy to forget facts, figures and statistics, but stories are remembered.

Readers also love controversy and humor, if you can find a way to weave either of those elements as well.  Take a stand, or show off your wit.  You’ll get bonus points if can do both at the same time.

What could I write about today that relates to my own life?  The disappointing experience a friend recently had might translate into a posting about making lemons out of lemonade in business.  Or my lazy yellow Labrador laying outside my office might make a good example of what to do when feeling unmotivated, or how important it is for downtime.  Or perhaps those brownies I ate over the weekend could provide an essay on temptation or guilt over bad business decisions, or maybe a more tongue-in-cheek metaphor about the sweetness of life, and occasionally being “bad”.

Keep a small notebook in your car or bag, so when ideas come your way, you will be able to jot them down on paper.  Once you get the hang of it, you’ll have lists of ideas at the ready.

So eat the brownie, be sure to work it off, and then write a killer blog post about it that readers will relate to, and appreciate you for.

If you feel inspired by this post, please leave me a comment.


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  1. Thanks Allison! Can’t wait to read about it. Thanks for the comment. 🙂

  2. You just inspired me to blog about how my lunch rolled over in to dinner for my family today with about 15 min of cook time.


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