Business & Marketing Workbook: Blueprint to Success

Happy New Year!  Time goes by quickly, so it’s important to be as productive as possible and not waste time.  But procrastination, unorganization, and fear are common issues which prevent many businesses from being more profitable.
Looking back on the year 2010, did you reach all or most of the goals established for the year?  Was there an organized marketing and action plan which kept your business focused and driven toward defined parameters for success?  If so, congratulations on having a banner year!  If this wasn’t the case, it’s possible the business/marketing strategy wasn’t created as efficiently and structured as it could have been.
For a limited time, I am offering my Business and Marketing Workbook: A Blueprint to Increased Success and Income.   Save money and increase your productivity (and income!) this year by grabbing a copy today!
Do yourself a huge favor and pick up the 2011 Business and Marketing Workbook: A Blueprint to More Success and Income.  This is only available until January 10th, and then it’s going away until 2012!
This guide is for you if you:
Would like to have an organized business plan
o Need more structure and focus
o Want to increase your productivity
o Thrive on having written action plans
o Could benefit from more accountability
o Haven’t updated your business plan
The Business and Marketing Workbook: Blueprint to More Success and Income is a 31 page workbook and strategic planning system which contains detailed guidelines to systematically creating a profitable and successful 2011!
# The workbook includes the following:  Structured outlines for goals and project brainstorming
# Task system creation template
# Project management guides
# Time tracking sheets
# Daily and weekly planners
# Procrastination prevention analysis
# Personal reflection questions
# Year end website checklist
Begin 2011 with an organized plan and structured blueprint which will guide you toward more income and clients!  Easily prioritize and structure your marketing strategy for by picking up your Business and Marketing Workbook: Blueprint to More Success and Income.

Hurry and start mapping out a successful New Year today!  Buy now for only $67!