Masks and Jack-o-lanterns: Changing the Face of Your Business


Why do people like Halloween so much? It doesn’t celebrate anyone’s accomplishments, it isn’t connected to a specific heritage, and it doesn’t give anyone the day off of work.  Think about what two of the favorite Halloween traditions— masks and jack-o-lanterns— have in common. They both involve creating a new face.

Masks and Mimicry

People like to pretend to be other people. Small children learn to talk by mimicking the adults who raise them. Almost immediately after they start to talk, they start pretending to be their favorite characters and play dress-up. This implies that it’s human nature to easily become bored with the mundanity of everyday life.

There are many ways to escape this kind of boredom by donning a costume and/or a mask. There are entire careers devoted to this endeavor: costume designers, costume shop managers, costume shop assistants, and mask designers. People who frequent comic book conventions know that there’s a whole section designated for this kind of interest: cos play.

On many levels, Halloween is simply a way for an entire community to try on the guise of someone else for one night.   However, your business is a place that shouldn’t dabble with being something it’s not.   Masquerading it’s brand, marketing or sales strategies will only result in being unrecognized by ideal customers.

A New Mask

If you were putting together a costume that you realized wasn’t working on some level, what would you do? You’d throw it out and start on a new one.

This same concept can be applied to your business. If you feel some element of your business isn’t working, you can choose to give it a makeover. Sometimes an aesthetic overall is just what’s needed to breathe new life into a business.

But be careful not to mask the wrong things.  Be clear about who your audience is, what results your products and services provide, and don’t make people have to hunt for information on your website.  Website visitors will size you up in a matter of seconds, so make them count..

Be sure your contact information is easy to find, and make it simple to understand what the process is to buy from your company.

Display your testimonials, case studies and reviews prominently, as well as other positive marketing collateral that will put your business in the best light.

Choosing Your Mask

If you decide that you’re going to change the face of your business, which part of it would be best to change? Perhaps changing everything about your business at once isn’t the best way to go because then your current customers won’t recognize your brand at all. Is it your website that needs a facelift? Your logo? Your branding?

I recently decided to completely revamp my website. In order to make sure you make the changes that will be best for your business, you might need to do research, distribute surveys, or confer with a consultant.

Many restaurants will change their interior or exterior décor but will keep their original logo. It’s a way to maintain the immediate recognition people have of their business and still have a fresh look.

Other businesses change their logo but keep the same color scheme. Perhaps their research has proven that people actually associate their color scheme with them more than any other kind of branding.

When choosing a new face for your business, be certain that your decision is well-founded and as informed as possible, and don’t hide the parts of your business that your ideal clients will want to see.

Like a jack-o-latern, make sure your business is lit up and glows from within.  Happy halloweeeeeeeeen!!