Hitch Your Wagon to a Star


Stars have been utilized as a symbol in many cultures throughout history. There’s the Star of Bethlehem, the Star of David, and of course astrology. Stars have often been viewed as guides, lighting the way to prosperity and hope for future. They are also seen as a thing of beauty. There’s even a flower called the Star of Bethlehem.

Stars also have political symbolism. They are displayed on the flags of nations from every continent, including the United States, Brazil, Zimbabwe, the Netherlands, Singapore and Australia.

And of course you got gold stars when you were growing up.  I remember getting a gold star on a card in my dance classes for attendance.  As such, they’re seen as way to acknowledge achievement and the accomplishment of goals.

Raise Your Standards by Raising Your Prices

Perhaps you’re stuck in the rut and aren’t focusing on shooting for the stars at all.  I recently read a post on Facebook from a business owner who was announcing the close of her business and was pretty angry about it, as if blaming her connections for not hiring her.

You might feel repressed by society, your family or your significant other and not even realize it. Because of this, you possibly can’t see how much you have to offer that you’re not presenting in the right way or to the right people.

Are you setting your standards high enough? Do you think big enough? Many people sell themselves short. They set the prices for their products too low, thinking that people won’t want to buy them if they’re too expensive.

However, raising prices makes customers view what you have to offer as a prestige product. Because of this, more people will want to buy what you have to offer if the quality and service are represented.  I’ve coached dozens of clients who found this to be true.

And often even more importantly, raising prices could draw the attention of more powerful customers who will share their experience with their peers. This could be the key to growing your business faster.

Some of my most successful clients have exponentially increased their income by following this advice. Shala Kilmer raised her prices and filled her client retreats. Catrell Cooney increased her prices by 1000% and made $5K the following week. Dr. Cici Coen increased her prices and made almost $4K during the 90-minute flight home after working with me.

Focusing on the Right Star

If you have in fact already hitched your wagon to a star, is the first star you see tonight the right star to hitch it to? Surely the wise men were discouraged by some people to not follow the Star of Bethlehem, but they did anyway and found what they were looking for. Perhaps part of the reason why they’ve always been considered wise is because they had the foresight and intuition to know that they were following a star that would pay off.

Are you listening to the right people? Do you have qualified advisers? Some people get taken in by swindlers who talk a good game but don’t have anything to back it up.  Look for proof of truth and follow your instincts.

Hopefully you’ve already mustered the confidence to take your business to the next level and invest in yourself. But before you do, it’s a good idea to research the credentials of anyone who’s going to have financial control over your investment. Never take advice from someone who doesn’t have the result you want.

Ask yourself the powerful question, “would I hire myself?”  Be the mentor you would want to hire, and invest in yourself consistently because it’s impossible to attract what we resist or repel.  If you aren’t investing in yourself, who would?