The Legacy of An Entrepreneurial Mother


With Mother’s Day approaching, the stores are displaying a variety of cards, plants and gifts, and the restaurants are reminding us to make reservations for Sunday brunch or dinner.

It’s a holiday that encourages a demonstration of appreciation for our moms, for their love, sacrifices, and life lessons we have been imparted with by their teachings and examples.

As entrepreneurs, the life lessons and values we impart to our own children may be a little different from non-entrepreneurial parents.

So what are the lessons we impart to our children as a business owner?

As crazy risk taking business owners, what do our children learn from our vocational choices? What notes are they taking, and how might they be encouraged to be fearless in building their own life experiences?

The decisions we make will have a positive or negative impact on our children at some point, not because of a singular decision, but ultimately more so by our beliefs that determine the outcome of the decision.

Our beliefs and principles guide us in either retreating from or conquering our fears, and then cultivates the level of success we are able to achieve.

Will our children eventually model our leaps of faith that eschew monetary risks in favor of intrinsic and esoteric lessons that may be (at the very least) imparted, with faith that it will pay off financially as well?

Will our kids be encouraged to fearlessly forge their own paths and be more confident in building their futures based on our example?

One of the biggest hurdles a business owner faces is coming to terms with their money mindset and self confidence, both of which are developed in correlation with our own parents’ beliefs and actions in those areas.

And because children learn by example, our own actions always speak louder than our words, just as it did with our parents.

What beliefs and actions of ours as entrepreneurs will be passed along to the next generation and contribute toward our legacies?

Most parents consciously want the best for their children’s’ futures.

Mothers would likely prefer to make choices that allows us to accomplish our own achievements and success so we can in turn do more for our families, as well as positively influencing our kids to adopt principles which allows them to do the same.

A majority of business owners work least some late nights, weekends, and sometimes or often travel far from home, which takes time away from our kids. There are many sacrifices, which includes occasionally or frequently missed soccer games and dance recitals.

There are also opportunities and the freedom to attend all of our kids’ events when we are our own boss.

Hopefully our children feel (either years down the road or in the very near future) that following our passions, mission and vision was at the very least inspiring and empowering, and propels them toward their own future of success and happiness.

As an entrepreneurial mom, what would you like for your children to glean from your business building endeavors in terms of values and life lessons?

When we decide to build a business, we never know what it creates as a result for our children, or what they may eventually build in their future because of it.

How has your journey in building a business positively affected your kids,and what do you hope they apply it to their lives?