CONTEST: Win A Customized Holiday Animated Logo Video!

Happy holidays!  I have gotten so many questions about my animated logo holiday video that it gave me the idea to give away three of them.

To win it, simply leave me a blog comment or submit a video about a tip, idea, resource, or training that you gleaned from me.  Tell me how you implemented it, and what the result was.

My team and I will choose three winners.  If you don’t have a logo,we can use your photo or make a graphic with your name to use for your customized video.  You video will be just like the sample, but with YOUR logo, photo or graphic.

Submit your comments and video on this post in the comment section below. The best ones will be chosen by me and my team, and announced here on my blog between now and December 22nd.

I will also embed the winning videos here on my blog for an added bonus of visibility for the winners’ company.

If you have any questions, you may also post them below in the comment section below.  Happy holidays!

Happy holidays!


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  1. LOVE this contest….you are sooooo creative! I recently read your article “Art is Not Branding But Branding is An Art” and can’t get over how kick-ass it is!

  2. Thank you Guylaine, I’m glad you liked it. 🙂

  3. Hi Chery,
    Our names are very similar! Welcome and please let me
    know if there is anything specific you are looking for.

  4. Hello Cheryl, This is my first time here and I Love your site as well as this offer. I am going to look around and little more and do look forward to learning more from you. Chery :))

  5. Thanks Irene, I’m toasting you back and looking forward to seeing
    what amazing things unfold for you and your business in 2014.

  6. Thanks Jeremy, nice of you to stop by and leave a comment.
    Let me know if there is anything specific you’re looking for.

  7. I can’t wait to learn more from you!

  8. Irene Elias says:

    Working with Cheryl has made my coaching practice, less of a burnout and more strategic! The tools that I have learned from Cheryl have been invaluable to my business. Creating a free opt-in offer has built my list to hundreds in such a short amount of time! And most importantly, are my ideal clients on that list. I now have a sales funnel (I added on a book this year to my list which is a best selling series) and I’m receiving extra income not just on my one on one coaching services. I feel more empowered with my business and feel so grateful to have met Cheryl who has helped me live out my dreams of doing what I love, serving the world more, and getting paid well, as a bonus. Currently I’m working on the monetize your marketing program and excited to see further growth in my business for 2014. Happy Holidays and I definitely have a lot to cheer for. So Cheers! (raising champagne glass).

  9. Cheryl, This is so cute and funny. Thank you!

  10. Hi Cheryl,
    I know the one thing that I have learned from working with you is to give, give, give, which I am doing and enjoying. At last, I am realizing new clients and renewed passion for my business. However, this is not the only thing I have learned–I am hitting LinkedIn like a crazy person and simply asking corporations, “How can I help you in the New Year?” I’ve hit a few 1-person businesses, but I’ve gotten some great responses. Thank you. Happy New Year!!!

  11. Thanks Den! I look forward to hearing about your contest, and thanks so much
    for the comment. I bet you have a cool response given your film making business.
    Happy holidays!

  12. Hey Cheryl,

    What a great idea:)

    I only just discovered your site and have subscribed. I am excited to delve deeper into your stuff.

    I’m gonna copy this right away and then I’ll come back and leave you a comment that is better qualified
    for your cool contest.


  13. Thanks so much for your comment Sherrie! I’m so glad you’ve tripled your
    income, congrats and happy holidays!! 🙂

  14. Sherrie Chastain says:

    With Cheryl’s expert coaching tips I was able to target my ideal client, and within 6 months have now built a client list of ideal clients. This resulted in a much happier work environment, plus my income has tripled!!

    Thanks Cheryl for fine tuning my business and putting me on the road to success.

    Sherrie Chastain

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