Create a Memorable Tagline in 4 Easy Steps

Create taglinePart of any successful branding plan for a business should include the creation of a tagline. It is a basic crucial element in designing an effective brand campaign. A tagline typically consists of a brief and memorable line or phrase that is in alignment with a business name or logo.  A well crafted tagline can become even more memorable to customers than the company name itself.

A tagline is often overlooked by companies, which is unfortunate given the marketing opportunities that can be created with a catchy tagline. It serves a business by offering a small glimpse of what the brand is promising to deliver.  Even well chosen simple words or phrases can boost a marketing plan when it works well with your brand.

Tagline Impact on Branding

The main purpose of creating a tagline is to enhance customers’ image and recall of a company.  The tagline helps a brand to be more memorable which ultimately boosts repeat business and sales.  Therefore, it’s important to have a creative tagline, but beyond that, it also needs to be well planned and thought out.

How to Create a Great Tagline

Because of the importance in creating a fantastic tagline for your business, it would be wise to being carefully planning the process in creating a tagline for your business.  I recently created a new one for my company, which is “Get Seen, Get Clients”.  This succinctly describes my brand of helping clients increase their visibility in order to attract more business. My goal was to create a tagline which was short, catchy, and able to fit into a fun and memorable graphic.

Use the four following steps to create a memorable tagline for your business:

1.) Make it memorable. Since the purpose of a tagline is to increase brand recall, it must be attention getting and easily remembered.  Staying power is an essential factor in the business industry, so you have to be able to produce something that stays in the mind of the customers.
2.) Produces an image. Most people produce images in their minds when they hear something.  Therefore, you can capitalize on this by triggering visual patterns of your customers and clients by using the tagline. For instance, you can remind them about your logo and create a stronger link between the two.
3.) Creates action. When you have a tagline that is remembered by your clients and customers, they will be inspired to take action in visiting your website, interacting with you on social networking sites, and contacting you.
4.) Highlights benefits. This relates to creating company distinction, and emphasize the benefits that a client will receive from using a company’s products or services. (To use my example, to “get visible” and “get clients”.)

Where do you feel your business is currently with your branding? Do you have a clear niche, brand archetype, logo, and tagline?  Do you have a memorable graphic that goes along with your tagline?  Please leave me a comment below and share your thoughts, opinions and questions. I’d love to hear from you.


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  1. Thanks for the comment Kenn! And the question. 🙂

    My opinion is that it would depend on how good the tagline is, but probably in most cases, the tagline has more marketing power than the url if the tagline is well constructed using the above tips. In your client’s case, I think it was a good move “inspired commitment” doesn’t convey much information on it’s own.

  2. Hey Cheryl,

    (nice post, I like “produces an image” tip)

    I know that often times the client’s tagline speaks more to the market than does their business name.

    What do you think of making the tagline bigger than the business name on websites, bizcards, etc.?

    For example, here’s a client if mine’s website: with the tagline bigger than the logo.

    Kenn Schroder

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