Dear Santa

Dear Santa

A letter from a marketing coach

Dear Santa,

I’ve been a good girl all year long.  I worked really hard this year as you know, and helped a lot of people.  I quadrupled my income compared to last year, and helped a lot of  my brilliant clients also increase their incomes and attract more clients.  Plus, Rachel and I also created a lot of fantastic products and programs that helped health and wellness practitioners market their businesses more effectively, and saved them a lot of time and money!

I remembered to pay it forward by supporting other marketing coaches and attending their programs and buying their trainings, coaching and products.  These were a huge investment of time, money, and effort Santa!  Not that I’m complaining because they all paid off.  Oh yea!  Don’t forget that I also gave away a lot of free resources, handouts, materials, tips, articles, and teleclasses!

I also did my best to live a balanced lifestyle.  I took care of my family, cooked healthy meals, attended many soccer games, and went to weekly yoga and exercise classes.  I also walked Penny almost daily.  I’m sure there are other nice things I did that I might have forgotten. If you really were watching, I’m sure you agree.

I don’t want much for Christmas this year.  Here are just a few ideas.

  • I’d love a new MacBook Pro for my trusty assistant, Rachel so she doesn’t have to bring her laptop back and forth every day.
  • If an elf could stop by and help me get my files and bookshelf organized, that would be so helpful
  • I would love to have a reliable and experienced VA to help Rachel with the overflow
  • A #1 spot on Google for all of my websites and for the most highly competitive keyword phrases
  • An invitation to be on Oprah before her show ends this year
  • A book deal with a big marketer like Seth Godin or Dan Kennedy

That’s all Santa, just a few simple requests this year. I know you’re busy so if you can only deliver one or two of these, I’ll be fine with that.  Thanks so much Santa!  Happy holidays! 🙂

So what do you want for Christmas this year?


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