Don’t Hunt What You Can’t Kill

I heard that expression last week, and immediately thought it would make for a perfect blog post.  What I love about it is that it reminds me of marketing, and sales!  And since it IS hunting season, I couldn’t resist the metaphor. 
Many business owners make the mistake of going after business that they can’t close, for a variety of reasons.  Yet, looking for clients, AKA “marketing” is a complete waste of time if the entrepreneur’s skill in sales is lacking.   No serious hunter would go out hunting without knowing how to find and capture his prey. 
Yet many business owners tell me that they are doing just that, spending time on non-revenue producing activities.  They tell me that they are networking and speaking, but not getting results. Or they are paying for complicated technology that they don’t know how to use, and have an expense rather than an investment.   Or, they are spending time writing proposals for deals that usually don’t get accepted.
I heard all of these examples just this week, and it’s only Wednesday afternoon.  If you feel like you’re spinning wheels and not seeing results in the form of clients and revenue, it’s a clear indication that there are some opportunities to make changes.  
It’s always hunting season somewhere, right?  Here in Michigan many hunters are in the north woods with their bow and arrows looking for deer.  Personally, I’m not a fan of this sport, so don’t leave me PETA comments. I have deer in my backyard right now eating the carrots we leave out for them because I love to watch them.  🙂 
But, if you’ve followed me for even a short amount of time, you know I love me a theme, so channel your inner caveman for the sake of this blog post. Imagine pulling on your camoflauge or bright orange gear, and consider how hunting tips can apply to your business. 
1. Be clear on what you want to catch: Hunters don’t head into the woods planning to kill whatever they come across, right? Duck hunters hunt for duck, deer hunters hunt deer, and you get the idea.  They have a plan for when, where, and how.   The same applies to your business, know precisely who your audience is, and study them so you know where to find them and how to attract them. 
2. Use the right bait:  Just like a fisherman knows which type of lure or bait to use to catch a specific type of fish, you want to be clear about the results your ideal clients are looking for, and speak their language.  If your ideal client is a yoga fan, don’t speak CrossFit.  
3. Create a marketing plan: Once you are clear about who your ideal client is, and how to attract them, you can expand your plan with specific details of where to find your clients, what to offer them, what language to use, and where to promote your company and your services. Your marketing plan is mainly about how you will build trust with your community and provide value.  How to be of service is more important than the next strategy because without it, your ideal client won’t consider buying from you.  
4. Sales strategy: Your sales strategy should incorporate a variety of offers with the proper sequencing that builds the confidence of your customer, and provides even more incredible value than your freebie offers, which also must be impressive in order to get to this opportunity to monetize your marketing.  Most clients won’t invest in your highest priced offers without invitations to have a positive experience with you that is low risk.  Provide exceptional value at every price point, and you will see a natural transition of clients progressing through your funnel.
5. Build momentum: Only when steps one through four are in place and you have tested your sales and marketing plan and have leads and revenue being generated, and automated your systems, is it the right time to drive more traffic, promote your websites, and advertise your services.  Don’t make the mistake that many business owners do in reversing the order of this process. 
There’s a joke that “vegetarian” is an old Indian word for “lousy hunter.”  Remember to fish where the fish are, and always use the right bait for the type of fish you are looking to catch.  Happy hunting, for clients! 
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