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I often get emails asking me how I find topics for the articles I write.  I use a variety of strategies to make the writing process easy on myself.  Lately I’ve been doing a lot of interviews for my Examiner.com articles, which involves very little writing on my part and helps to establish new networking connections and potential referral partners.

I subscribe to a wide variety of health newsletters and ezines, from which I am able to find a lot of links to use for social media postings, and also gives me topic inspiration for my blogs and newsletters.

Treasure ChestA great friend of mine recently shared a fantastic resource with me on finding new and current topics to write about.   If you write for the Examiner.com, or any other news related sites, you can sign up for PRWeb’s press release feed via email as a member of the press.  PRWeb allows you to choose from a wide variety of topics and subjects and will automatically send you a daily digest of the most recent press releases.

Happy writing!  (P.S. If you’re not writing for Examiner.com yet, what are you waiting for?  Apply today.   Tell them I sent you and I will share my “Article Marlketing 101” e-book with you, a $27 value for FREE!).

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