Facebook Marketing

Are you using Facebook but not seeing enough
evidence that it's worth your time?

Learn Simple and Proven Ninja Facebook Marketing Strategies to Build Your List and
Get More Clients!

"Quickly Raise Your Visibility, Increase Your Traffic, Grow Your Subscriber List, and Make More Money When You Know the Secrets to Optimizing Your Facebook Activity!"

Let me show you Exactly "How to Profit" from Facebook. It's Quick and Easy!

As we approach the new year, it's vital to stay ahead of the curve. Merely reading a report or two about how to apply Facebook marketing strategies won't be enough to keep up with your competitors. Staying on top of online marketing requires not just learning a number of skills, but a willingness to evolve and grow along with tools such as this powerful social network.

Continuing to use (or not use) Facebook the way you've always done is like buying yourself a top-of-the-line, $2,200.00 MacBook Pro (with the i7 processor) and using it only to send email.

You probably won't be shocked to hear that your ultimate marketing success won't be the result of one particular eBook or method, but of a delicate balance of methods, applications, tools, research, savvy, creativity, intuition, your personality… and above all, perseverance.

And that will apply whether you choose to use a coach or mentor… or go it alone.

It's very common to feel frustrated when marketing efforts don't seem to be working.

Can you relate to any of the following statements?

You login into Facebook at least a few times a week (maybe even several times a day) but you're not getting clients

You know you should have a fan page but haven't gotten around to it

You do have a Facebook fan page, but you don't have a lot of interaction or fans

You post your events but it seems to be a waste of time

You have thought about advertising but don't know how to go about it

You've placed Facebook ads but didn't see any return

You have no idea what you should or shouldn't be doing with Facebook

You wonder if using Facebook and all social media is a waste of time

It's time to understand all the reasons
You should LOVE Facebook,
not detest it!

There are millions of people who use Facebook, and I guarantee your IDEAL CLIENTS are just waiting to be found.

Here are just a few reasons you should embrace Facebook as a marketing tool:

  • Visibility
  • Credibility
  • Builds relationships
  • Establishes trust
  • Search engine optimization
  • Customer service
  • It's viral
  • To network and connect with people who will advance their business
  • Establish yourself as an authority figure within your niche
  • Get your business "out there" and promote it
  • Generate traffic to websites and other social networks
  • Establish or boost a branded presence
  • Guide people to your products, services and websites
Eve-FoglerI love being your student :). I love your materials and organization, and how you cover every detail. I am a happy, happy student right now just having read your first training.

Eve Fogler

Your competitors are using Facebook and cashing in. Isn't it time for you get in the game as well?

What you need is a fail-proof playbook backing you up so you can beat your competitors at their own game!

Facebook marketing course
Facebook Marketing BootCamp:
Four Weeks to Increased Visibility, Clients and Profits!

Have you taken trainings that completely overwhelm you with information? That won't happen with this training.

I've broken down this course into 4 weekly lessons… so you have time to absorb each one thoroughly and have a chance to put what you've learned into action before moving onto the next lesson.

I'm going to take you by the hand and will be your patient and gentle Facebook marketing coach!

Each week, you'll receive a new guide, accompanied by a detailed and focused checklist of action steps, so you can be sure to have all your bases covered and won't miss a step.

Here is What is Included Over The Next 30 Days:

  • An overview of the two types of Facebook users
  • How to target your ideal clients on Facebook
  • How to create Facebook ads that reach your ideal clients
  • How to brand yourself effectively on Facebook
  • How to choose which Facebook promotions is right for you- and what will work best for your biz
  • How to use SEO (search engine optimization) within Facebook
  • How to "disaster proof" your Facebook efforts. You'll no longer worry about making these common marketing mistakes!
  • Plus much, much more! These are just the highlights of what is included

Everything is paced out so that you learn what you need to know without information overload and overwhelm.

All trainings will be delivered to your email box on Friday, so that you will have a chance to review each module at your convienence over the weekend and coming week.

Here's what's included every week:

  • live training call
  • action workbook
  • checklists
  • worksheets
  • call recordings

Find out How To Make Facebook Marketing Success Secrets
Work For You In Only 30 Days!

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Plus, you'll also receive over $200 worth
of invaluable bonuses!

Create a Poll with Poll Daddy Guide

Shows you how to set up and use Poll Daddy, in conjunction with your Facebook account.

VALUE: $47

How to Use Static FBML Guide

Illustrates how to add advanced functionality and customization to a fan or business page by creating a box or tab.

VALUE: $47

Guide on How to Add RSS Feeds to your wall with Social RSS

How to add Social RSS to an account and use it to add RSS feeds to your Facebook wall, boxes tab or dedicated tab.

VALUE: $47

Guide on How to Use Facebook's Twitter App

This app allows you to post Twitter updates automatically to a Facebook wall or page.

VALUE: $47

Facebook Marketing Daily Accountability Checklist

This checklist will help keep you on track with your daily Facebook marketing.

VALUE: $27

Find out How To Make Facebook Marketing Success Secrets
Work For You In Only 30 Days!

2 Easy
Fast Action Special Pricing
Best Deal!
2 investments
of Only $297
1 investment
of Only $497
NOTE: Holiday pricing reflected in Payment Plan
Use coupon code Holiday40 for full pay options

All the best,

Cheryl Heppard

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