Five Strategies to Attract Media Attention and New Clients

How to get free publicity

Take your turn in the spotlight

One of the easiest and most exciting ways to attract new clients is by getting free media exposure. Publicity in the local press, television, and online gives your business instant credibility and glamour, both of which are key ingredients for any successful business. Attracting media exposure isn’t difficult, but like any other marketing strategy, it’s most successful when it’s incorporated into a methodical and consistent marketing plan.

Here are five highly effective strategies for getting your well~deserved time in the spotlight.

1. First of all, give a critical look at the “face” of your business. When reporters go to your website, call your office, request a press kit or Google you, make sure you are presenting a professional image on all fronts. Remember, the old saying that you only have one chance to make a good first impression. You’re worked hard to attract attention, don’t lose out by being disorganized.

Many reporters will seek out local businesses for expert quotes and opinions by doing a Google search. Make sure your website is press friendly and offers confirmation that YOU are the expert they are looking for by including your updated bio. Be sure your site is easy to navigate so journalists don’t have to hunt around to find what they’re looking for.

2. One of the oldest techniques for getting noticed by reporters is still the best strategy in these modern and digital times. I’m referring to writing a press release, which is an official written statement of your news, which is then sent to the media so it can be publicized. The trick is the “news” part. You must have some type of announcement to make in your press release, such as a new website launch, a new office location, new programs or services, an event, etc.

Write your press release carefully and use a compelling title. Many reporters decide on the tittle alone whether to read further or move on to the next release. Be sure to include your complete contact information which includes phone number, email address, mailing address and website url.

3. Add a press page to your website. The press will take notice that you’re media savvy if you include a page that makes their jobs easier. Include a video of any TV appearances so journalists can see that you’re capable of handing yourself in that situation. Include recent press releases in chronological order, updates photos and logos, and include two formats which include 72 dpi for online use and higher resolution 300 dpi for traditional print publications.

4. Reach out to TV and radio hosts and popular bloggers. Introduce yourself and offer yourself as a resource for future reference. You can accomplish this by sending them a friendly and introductory email, or communicate with them via social media such as Twitter or Facebook. Be sure to stay in touch every so often.

5. Promote yourself by writing. Write articles online and post to article directory sites. Keep your blog updated by writing at least once a week. Journalists like to connect with thought leaders and often turn to bloggers as credible resources. Seek out local well-known bloggers and offer to guest blog for their site. Writing is one of the fastest ways to get noticed because it offers instant credibility.

Utilize these methods to get free publicity which will help to put your business on the map. Media exposure can boost your credibility, visibility, and reputation which allows you to attract more clients, become known as an expert and boost your income at the same time.

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  1. One thing I’ve not done much of – press releases. Sounds like something simple enough to do.

    I would probably do my clients a favor if I gave them a template press release they could use and a few places to submit it … or even have this done for them to get exposure.

    Got any quick press release you sent out recently? (I know I could probably search for some, but since this is your blog …. 😉 )

  2. Thanks for your comment Matt! I think it’s a common concern for many entrepreneurs that they aren’t “news worthy”, but I guarantee you have something that the media would love to know about. I would recommend article writing directories such as EzineArticles, ArticleSnatch, etc. Although Google isn’t giving the links as much weight as they used to for SEO, but they can be effective for establishing credibility and driving traffic.

  3. I really like this advice and will certainly use it when the time is right. I don’t feel that we are at the right point from a developmental standpoint to pursue much PR coverage at the moment (outside of retweets and blog coverage) so I am most interested in link building through the directories. Is it possible to give some recommendations or at least recommended reading around this?

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