Four Ways to Easily Get More Done in Less Time

hats-nMany entrepreneurs juggle a variety of roles within their business, usually justifying it with the belief that they can’t afford to put new employees on the payroll. It’s a dangerous mindset to have when running a business, which can actually cost the business much more in the long run.

Besides, wearing multiple hats can really give you a headache.

Consider how many tasks and responsibilities that go along with running even a small business  that is in the start up stage.

Administration, blogging, bookkeeping, banking, business planning, copywriting,content development, contracts, customer service, development and design, joint ventures, legal documents, shipping, marketing, operations, photography, video, public relations, press releases, sales, revenue, social media, strategic planning, team building, technology, website management, and so much more depending on the industry.

The role of the business owner is to focus on creating new business, finding clients, and increasing revenue. If you can find a $5K client through lead generation in a few hours time, it doesn’t make sense to be doing social media posts and book keeping that you can outsource for $20-$50 a week.

Almost any business owner can’t afford to do the tasks they think they can’t afford to delegate. And practically every company from start up to multi-seven figures has opportunities to better leverage their time and talents.

Here are some tips for increasing productivity, and your sales.

  1. Make a list: Keep track of all the tasks you do over the course of a few weeks. From answering emails, filing, and appointment setting to writing checks and going to the post office. Keep a work diary for yourself, and take note of how much you enjoy fulfilling those
  2. Keep or Cast Away: Review your list and circle everything that could be delegated, running errands, including personal errands, answering the phone and emails, book keeping, etc. Everything that isn’t circles should go on your “CEO list”, which means that it is a responsibility that makes sense to be completed only by you.
  3. Outsource: Take steps to hire team members who can handle everything that no longer makes sense to complete on your own. Have someone on your team do the preliminary interviews so you can make a final decision with the most qualified candidates.
  4. Fill Your Calendar: Now you that you have more time for the responsibilities that will help grow your company, be diligent about filling your extra time only with those responsibilities and be vigilent about not being a control freak and let your team members carry out their jobs without being micro-managed by you.


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