FREE Guide for new health/nutrition entrepreneurs

I am very excited about an upcoming project which will be available to everyone.  I am creating a FREE guide for new nutrition and health entrepreneurs about to start their practices.   What inspired me is that the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, the school in New York where I attended, is about to graduate about 2,000 new health counselors.  I was thinking how great it would be if I knew two years ago what I know then.  Which led me to create a free guide.

The guide will be filled with tips, advice, resources, and websites which are invaluable to my practice.  I also will include information from other grads, so if you have anything to contribute, please email me!  I would be happy to include your tips as well.  The guide will be available before June 22nd, and will be available to everyone.  I may even include some video!  I’d love to show off some of my promotional materials that I have had designed over the years.  Might as well use that Flip video camera!


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