From Health Coach to Infopreneur

Infoproduct creationAs a health and wellness coach, most likely your business is mainly service based rather than selling products. This type of business is ideal fro transitioning into being an infopreneur. Most likely you’ve heard of internet marketers which make millions of dollars every year. Information sells, it has always sold, and will always sell, it’s essentially recession proof. People are willing to pay for the answers to their problems, and this is why health practitioners can easily take their business online.

Info-products are digital products which can be sold and distributed online. Info-products are essential for creating additional streams of residual income. You most likely have a website, so why not make it work for you by turning it into a storefront in addition to being a client attraction tool?

The first step to successfully launching an infoproduct is to know what your market wants and needs. What problems do they have which you can provide solutions and strategies for them to solve their issues? Once you have a clear idea of what type of products your customers would be interested in, the next step is converting prospects into buyers.

To be honest, this process sounds easy, but it’s not. The product development phase is where many infopreneurs get stuck. I remember learning in an art class that a true artist knows when to stop and declare their art as finished. Many of my clients get wrapped up in details such as graphics, covers, and feeling that their ebooks need to be at least a 100 pages. Don’t let your info product take over your business. Create an outline and know when it’s finished and ready to be marketed.

Don’t let self~doubts inhibit the creation process. It’s common to ask yourself whether you have the credibility or ability to produce an infoproduct. Shake off these types of thoughts and work toward your deadline. Start with writing a short $7 report which can easily be outlined with top ten lists. A collection of reports can be bundled into a larger infoproduct at a later date.

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Once the product is ready to be marketed, it can be presented to your list. List building is essential for selling products. If you don’t have a sizeable list, consider teaming up with joint venture partners who have customers who would be interested in your products.

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