Get More Leads, Clients and Revenue From Your Website

Your site is brilliantly designed and constructed; the content is clean and engaging.  You spent the time, effort and money to get your site positioned well in the search engines.  You’ve been waiting for your visitors to flood in but after waiting for months, your list building is limping along and your phone still isn’t ringing.

You might be asking yourself: “Where are the leads? And where are the SALES?”  If this is true for you, you might be missing an important strategy for getting leads to subscribe and prospective clients to call, which is: THE CALL TO ACTION.

A call to action tells website visitors what you want them to do.  With any marketing materials, it’s crucial to get your prospective clients to act NOW rather than later.  Most website visitors only visit our websites once, and never return again.  Therefore it’s absolutely imperative to have an interactive website that gives potential clients direction and suggestions.

Here are simple several steps to get your phone ringing and your sales increasing.

1. Do your research so you understand what type of offers your target market is most likely to respond to.  Be sure that any offers you make are in alignment with your expertise and visitor interest.  Be sure that your title tag and meta description in the search engines is related to your home page content.

2. Write your content in a way that leads to a call to action. Position all calls to action clearly so that visitors will know precisely what to do and how to do it. Use phrases like “register now for the call” or “click here to schedule your session” at the exact location on the page where there is a button or a click through link which are obvious.

3. Have multiple calls to action on every page of your web site. You can put calls to action in the header of your website, in the sidebar, within the content, and on individual sales and opt-in pages.

One of the most common calls to action asks for information such as the email address in exchange for free downloads, call registration information, etc.  Be sure to link these types of web forms to a shopping cart or an autoresponder to build your mailing list.

Creating a simple, smooth and effective call to action is a strategy that every effective website must leverage. A straightforward and strong call to action can make all the difference between getting traffic, and getting clients.   Well thought out calls to action are  vital to the performance of your website.


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