Health and Wellness SEO Program

Gain Rock Star Google Status with Do It Yourself Search Engine Optimization: Simple Steps to Blow Past Your Competitors,  Attract More Clients and Increase your Profits!

*Welcome* Health, Wellness and Life Coaches, Practitioners, and Counselors:

Learn the Exact Step by Step System that Turned a “Computer Non-Techie who could only Shop and Email with a Computer” into a Search Engine Optimization Whiz who Successfully Landed Her Health Website on the First Page of Google for a Variety of Keywords

Your website needs to have as much attention as you would give to your brick and mortar storefront.  It needs to be in just the right location, with the right type of signage, in the right part of town, and with the details and feeling your customers are looking for.

The internet is where your storefront is located, and how you prepare your store for business will have a direct impact on how well your business will do online.

Your website is a representation of your business, your brand, and of you personally.  I am  here to help you build your internet business with the most affordable and effective strategies  that have been proven to work.

The construction of your business website site should be taken just as seriously as the location of your business office. How does it appeal to prospects? How quickly can you serve them? How easy is it to do business with you? There are many factors to consider, but remember that site based SEO is the foundation on which a successful online business is built.

Do you know in your heart that your business offers transformational services or products that are truly poweful and life-changing. but are a best kept secret because nobody is finding your website?

Are you ready to finally take effective action in learning how to create a compelling website that people actually visit?
Would you like to have a website that attracts clients, is easily found on Google by your ideal market, and effectively converts browsers into clients?
Do you yearn to share your talents and gifts, create an imprint in your community and universe like you originally planned before you learned that you had to learn how to market and sell before that happens?
Plus know how to monetize your website to create additional streams of Income and expand your profits?

Then you are in the right place!

SEO program for healtha and wellness practitioners

Get busloads of traffic

You are invited to join:

The Search Engine Optimization Boot Camp Blueprint: Six Months to Rock Star Google Status and Ranking

How You (an SEO Newbie) Can Dramatically Improve Your Website Page Rank and Profitability In The Next 6 Months

Watch the video below to hear more about this exclusive SEO Boot Camp opportunity with Cheryl

Dear Highly Focused and Determined to Succeed Health and Wellness Practitioner or Coach,

Do you need your website to work harder so you don’t  have to?

Would you like my support and guidance in showing you how to create a more effective
website that is compelling and irresistible to Google, as well as clients?

Despite where you are with your business and website, this program is designed for any health and wellness entrepreneur who wants to discover how to work less and make more money by
putting proven internet marketing systems, techniques, and strategies into place.

Why do health and wellness practitioners need SEO?  For the same reasons every business should learn how to utilize SEO strategies:

  • High ROI: Search engine optimization methods has been shown to be a highly effective way to maximize the marketing budget.  Returns on investment are higher with SEO than any other forms of marketing
  • Free Advertising: Using SEO strategies is the best way to maximize free advertising methods
  • Targeted Traffic: SEO can attract the exact type of prospective clients you are looking for and turn them into paying clients
  • 24/7 Promotion: When you’re sleeping, or on vacation, or out to dinner, your website will be working to attract clients, convert them into subscribers, and increase your profits.
  • Increased Visibility: High impact visibility with an international reach, with a low to minimal investment
  • Higher Profits: Effective SEO is guaranteed to increase sales of your products and services
  • Benefit Seven – Faster Loading Pages
  • Cost-Effective: SEO has been shown to be the most cost-effective ways of marketing.
  • Increased Accessibility: Your website becomes an effective means of communicating your message and essence at your visitors’ convenience

Your Search Engine Optimization Boot Camp Blueprint program is a group coaching program which will allow you to go at your own pace and accomodate your schedule with simple once a month recordings that you can listen to at your leisure.

What I will teach you throughout the course of this program:

  • How YOU can do exactly what the SEO firms’ will charge you thousands of dollars for (Up to $10,000 per month!)
  • How YOU can easily get top Google rankings for your choice of keyword phrases
  • SEO secrets that work practically overnight
  • How to create a website that Google loves
  • Free marketing methods that increase your visibility and increases your website’s search engine ranking
  • How to find perfect and effective link partners and get people to want to link to your site
  • How to research and optimize for your niche market.
  • Online and offline marketing methods that kill two birds with one stone
  • Simple techniques that 99.9% of the time are totally free and 100% effective
  • And possibly most importantly, what NOT to do which will get your website banned from Google for life!
Here’s what you’ll receive as a valued participant in this program:

1. Six months of SEO trainings, resources, advice and support via:

* Monthly training calls on SEO topics such as:

On page and off page SEO techniques including:

Link building
Copy writing
Social media
Article marketing
Website monetization techniques
Website design
Keyword research
Press releases
SEO tips, tricks and techniques
Marketing tools
Pay per click

Your six month coaching program will also include:

2. Google group membership with other SEO Boot Camp Blueprint members for support, networking, and powerful reciprocal linking opportunities as well as the opportunity to get all your SEO questions answered

3. Guided monthly homework assignments (don’t worry, you won’t need help with this homework, it’s fun and easy!) to keep you on-track and moving forward with focused action steps

4. Recordings of all training calls

More benefits to being a part of this program include:

*Access to a wide variety of how-to resources

* Checklist of compelling website elements with key SEO elements

* Simple to follow, proven strategies to move your website up in the search engines (Are you sick of writing blog posts that nobody reads?

Are you fed up with having a website that nobody seems to visit? Let’s put an end to that! I will show you how to create a website that attracts visitors and creates clients!)

* Your internet marketing blueprint and success systems that puts your business into the spotlight

There are only 10 spots in this program, and I will not be offering this again until 2011!

Most other SEO programs are two to three times more than this investment, and are geared for advanced internet marketers.  (You will not find a more comprehensive SEO program geared specifically for health and wellness entrepreneurs.)

This course is designed to help your business become more visible by putting your website out in front, ahead of your competitors, and will give you more credibility with clients.  Websites that have a high search engine rank are perceived as being more credible and more reputable.   Everyone wants to hire the best company money can buy, and those companies are usually on top, which includes the top of the search engines.  Where does your website currently rank?   If you don’t know, then join us and find out how to be sure you’re the company your prospective clients find when they are looking for your service online.

Take a look at one of our SEO clients (and health/wellness colleague) has to say about my SEO information:


Heather Dube of You and Improved Coaching


Ok so I feel like I’m tooting Cheryl’s GENIUS horn all the time…but the girl is en feugo when it comes to owning, operating & SLAM dunking your online business, & I am so grateful for her leadership. I worked in corporate marketing communication & events 13 years & thought I was going to take the internet business world by storm going into my own business by simply throwing up a website. *Crickets* people for 2 years. I decided 2nd website around, I was going to make this puppy fly & I needed great SEO to do just that, unfortunately my budget didn’t cover great SEO I began to find. 🙁

Enter Hepp with her master knack for bringing great RESULTS-producing products to market at a jaw-dropping fair market price. I brought her team on board b/c keywords & SEO turn my mind into marshmallow fluff on my own quite frankly – I start to talk in jibberish. Fast forward JUST 4 WEEKS, wait …let me me repeat that b/c great SEO traction typically takes 3-6 MONTHS…fast forward JUST 4 WEEKS & I not only have a keywords phrase plan for my business, but the on & off page SEO already has me *TA-DA* 1st PAGE on yahoo & google ranked # 2 – 4 for 1 of my most competitive keyword phrases!

I actually shut my browser down in disbelief & searched it again multiple times just to see if it was REAL – *blinkblink* my website is on 1st page! I can’t tell you how rewarding that feels after 2 years of a site that was SO ridunk-ulously far into the millions on Alexa that it was literally WORTHLESS – that I could put my trust in Cheryl’s knowledge & she could b*tch slap me in just 4 weeks into FRONTRUNNER land page 1 on the internet people without so much as a twitch of her little bewitched cute nose – Holy Bejeeze people – What are you WAITING for?!

Cheryl helps you cut through all the SEO clutter b/c everyone has a different opinion on how to get from point A to B just as in nutrition & fitness 😉 & saves you incredible time & money by offering you to the *elite* SEO knowledge that WORKS. Coaching is about handing your projects off to experts that have proven great results prior in an area you seek to excel at, SEO included, DO IT in your business – it is worth every penny to find yourself on page 1 of the internet.

Other SEO results in just 4 weeks – they got my brand new site averaging 60+ unique visitors a day from 1-15 – that is total unique new bodies, moved my page rank from 0 to 2, and jumped my site rank on Alexa’s USA ranking from no ranking at all to 398,000 in the US out of ALL websites. I can’t wait to see what the future hold’s for my business w/ more of her team’s SEO support!

Not kidding friends, Cheryl’s team is the REAL SEO DEAL – if only I’d met her 2 years ago, I *cry* thinking of where my business would be! Don’t miss this window of opportunity to ride her SEO wave of success!!

Heather B. Dube’ | Health & Body Mastery Mentor

Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner; Nutrition Coach; Figure Competitor; Private wTrainer

Welcome to page 1 Heather!

The following bonuses will be included for the first five people to enroll in this course:

Bonus #1: ($399 value) One 30-minute one-on-one coaching sessions with me to answer questions, refine your internet marketing strategy, and give you feedback on your website and SEO status.  You will get a take away checklist of where and how to optimize your website before you get off the call.

Bonus #2: ($497 value) Four week copy writing boot camp program will quickly advance you to expert copy writing status and empower you to write powerful and compelling text that converts  your website, articles, and email marketing.

Bonus #3: (up to $77 value) Your choice of my “detox in a box” or chocolate teleseminar script

What would you expect to pay for a six month SEO training program that teaches you how to easily attract more clients, increase your profits, create additional streams of income, plus provides you with $1000+ worth of additional resources?

What would that be worth to you?

$5,000? (Totally fair and feasible for this much information!)

$3,ooo? (This would be a reasonable and worthwhile investment for this type of training.)

$2,000? (Early birds won’t have to shell out nearly this much)

Register in full today for only $777! This is almost 50% off the investment that your colleagues will make who wait until the last minute to enroll.

I am offering an unbelievable early bird discount to you for this content packed SEO  training course in return for your taking massive action today and recognizing a required training which is crucial to your future business success.

You will receive six months of hands on coaching and training, plus the $1497 in bonuses if you are one of the first ten people to send in your registration.

Register now in full for only $997 by clicking the link below. (Pre-registration discount disappears on May 29th)

No Risk Guarantee: Satisfaction of Your Money Back!

I am offering you my personal guarantee, if you don’t believe this coaching program was completely worth your while after the first three months,  all you have to do is call me up and I will refund every penny of your money.  I’m that confident that you will agree that this information is money well spent.

I am known for offering information packed resources and I strive to uphold that reputation, and always will.

Weight Loss Program for nutritionists and health coaches

(*Disclaimer: Acceptance into the program is dependent upon approval after review of your satisfactory application intake form to ensure you are a good fit for this program and a candidate with the greatest liklihood  for success)

Or, register now and take advantage of an affordable automatic payment option: $167 per month for seven months:

Weight Loss Program for nutritionists and health coaches

If you’re asking yourself, “can someone like me really learn how to optimize my website for massive search engine traffic?“, the answer is. . .

Absolutely, without a doubt!  Furthermore, you can’t afford NOT to!

This course is designed for the health and wellness practitioner, and won’t have  any internet marketing “geek speak”.  I’ve taken those courses and they made my head spin, and left me feeling frustrated and inept.

If you’re asking yourself, “do I have time for additional marketing?”, the answer is, this is the marketing that you should be focusing on because it works, it’s been proven to work time and time again, and once many of these strategies and methods are put into place, they will continue to send you leads day after day, week after week, and so on.

Summer is coming up, and it’s the perfect time to learn how to optimize your website so that you’re perfectly positioned for the fall, and the New Year 2012, which will be here before you know it.

Just click the links above to send in your registration, fill out the application, and we’ll be in touch with you within a day or two after receiving your completed registration intake to let you know if you’re a good fit for this training.

P.S.If you get just two to three more clients a year from learning effective SEO techniques, how many times would this low investment pay you back?

P.S.S. Summer is the time when many health and wellness practitioners see their practices take a downturn and clients drop off.  Take advantage of slower months and learn how to SEO your website and business to expand your clients!