How Facebook Timeline Will Change Your Business

Using social media has become incredibly important for businesses to spread the word about their products and services and gain exposure.  One of the biggest powerhouses when it comes to social media is Facebook.  You may have noticed that Facebook has recently begun to switch over to a new Timeline version.  There are many implications for businesses when Timeline becomes universal for Facebook, some will be advantages and others will be drawbacks.

Here are some of the changes that will affect your business Facebook page when Timeline takes over:

  1. Images:  There will be changes in the ways that images are displayed.  A single “cover photo” with a size of 850×315 will appear at the top of the Timeline.  This may be a huge advantage for businesses, as a well-designed banner or logo image can be permanently displayed to showcase products and services.  You can design a cover image that includes text to describe your products and services in a few phrases or sentences.  The Timeline cover image may function like a website header image, if you plan it right.  Also, other images are more prominently displayed, offering businesses excellent opportunities to show off products.
  2. History:  The way that a user’s history is shared changes with Timeline.  Instead of being a simple chronological list of use, visitors to a Timeline can check out the most important happenings, and can see how a business has developed over time and evolved.  Use this history to your advantage and connect with visitors to your business Timeline.
  3. Easier Access to Info:  Rather than having to click on a separate link to view “Info,” the Facebook Timeline will display the info about a business (or personal user) prominently toward the top of the Timeline.  Be sure that this information is accurate and correctly reflects your business, since the info will be front and center instead of tucked away.
  4. Fewer Visitors?  Have you had less traffic to your Facebook profile since Timeline began?  Be sure to take full advantage of the many Open Graph apps that are available now through Facebook, like watching videos on Hulu, listening to music on Spotify, reading articles through Yahoo or other similar newsfeeds that post on Facebook.  Keep your business profile prominent on the news feeds of your fans and they will be more likely to pay your page a visit and see what’s going on.  Connect with your fans by reading articles and watching videos that they would be interested in.  Remember, Facebook is a social media site, so be social!  Start conversations about relevant topics pertaining to the news you read or videos you watch and connect it to your business.  This will connect you with your customers.

Timeline or no Timeline, connecting with customers is what using social media sites, like Facebook, is all about.  Even with the new format change, you can find ways to connect with your customers.  Don’t be scared by the adjustments, find ways to use them to your advantage and make your connections even stronger and more meaningful.  Use it to build your brand and increase your exposure!


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  1. Love the idea of watching moves and reading articles. I almost never use facebook as my page! I will have to start!
    Thanks Cheryl

  2. Thanks Cheryl! This is very helpful information. I’m still wishing the “reveal” gates after liking a page would work. This is a great!

  3. Thanks for this great summary. I’ve been hesitant to connect with the new social reader apps (a bit too big brother for me to have someone tracking what I’m reading) and for the first time I actually see value in it thanks to this post!

  4. Hi! Since I just had my FB design done, any suggestions to keep it as beautiful as it is now? Will free gift go away? Maybe I can use my actual website banner as my photo now, since it may fit better into their size requirements? Thanks Cheryl, you are the best!

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