How to Create Six Figures Quickly With 3 Shifts that Stop Self-Sabotage

Only about 20 percent of American households even break the six-figure mark, according to Census Bureau data.  Yet it’s a revenue goal that most entrepreneurs set for themselves to achieve. 

For anyone working toward making $100,000 in income, there are often many shifts that need to be made in order to hit that goal sooner rather than later.

The problem is that many business owners find it easier to stay stuck that to move forward, because transformation requires change.  It is common sense that it’s impossible to achieve quantum leaps without moving forward.  

In order for things to be different, you must do things differently.   The same old thinking will get you the same old results, because you don’t know what you don’t know and you can’t create a different result with the same actions. 

Here are three key transformative shifts that must be implanted in order to create six figures fast. 

Success-Mindset1. Mindset:  The reason that 3% of the world’s population controls 97% of the wealth is because they are willing to think much differently from the rest of the population.  The most successful business owners have a much different mindset than unsuccessful business owners, which allows them to take risks, make quick decisions, and invest fearlessly.

In order to create big shifts, six figure entrepreneurs must be willing to face challenges and be comfortable being uncomfortable. 

Growth is impossible within a passive environment.  Having a positive mindset that allows you do “whatever it takes” will move you forward much faster than “the best I can” thinking ever will.  

Without proper mindset, shift #2 and #3 become highly unlikely. 

resourceGetter2. Investments: Building a lucrative business won’t happen without investments. For instance, to be great at sales, you need sales training. 

 A client of mine once told me that if she were going to start a brick-and-mortar business she knew she would have to invest at least six figures and overhead and start up costs.
Therefore she knew starting a coaching business was already a bargain comparatively, and making investments in mentoring was a necessary action step.  

To have a six figure brand, you’ll need to invest in quality marketing services with a company that makes at least six figures itself. 

(Never allow a company who doesn’t make at least six figures help you build your business when trying to get to six figures).

We always get what we pay for.

The six figure business owner realizes that if she is only making $2K monthly, yet wants to be making $8K monthly, the business loses $6K per month every month she flounders.  If you knew how to create a six figure business, you’d be doing it right now, right? 

Yet you don’t know what you don’t know, and doing the same thing every day and expecting a different result is a serious mindset red flag.  

This is the kind of thinking that makes the six figure business owners’ investments in training and mentoring a no-brainer because she knows it costs much more to stay stuck than it ever will to learn how to move forward faster. 

How to Make a Competitive Pricing Strategy3. Sales & Pricing Strategy: The number one priority for every business owner must focus on creating sales and revenue.  Without sales and revenue, there is no business, and no opportunity to grow. 

The sales strategy must be proactive on a daily basis that includes a lead generation plan.  Business owners who don’t make six figures will wait for the phones to ring, hope for clients to email them and expect clients to find them. 

Six figure business owners don’t rely on hope and expectations, they make it happen. 

Struggling business owners will undercharge and work within a “dollars for hours” business model.  Six figure business owners will implement a strategic sales funnel and work within lucrative project pricing models that allows them to breakaway from lackluster earnings, and working way too hard for much too little.

Mastering these three shifts are what separates those who struggle from those who sail toward six figures.  

Do you agree or disagree with any of these three shifts?

Please leave me a question or comment below as I’d love to hear your thoughts and get the conversation going.


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