How to Get Clients with Personal Branding

Branding for healthThe personal brand you project has a strong influence on how you’re viewed by prospective clients, and your competition.  How you present yourself and your business affects your website visitors opinions of your intelligence, personality, character, ability and talent, which then allows them to decide whether they want to do business with you.

It’s been proven that humans think with their eyes. A UCLA study showed that 85% of all decisions are made with visual perception.  That means that the visual presentation you put forth will have the most impact on your business.

If your personal brand is not professional and congruent, attractive and attracting you will be passed over for your competitors – guaranteed.  In order to be competitive and to have a greater positive influence on others, and also to attract more clients and be more successful, it’s absolutely crucial that you develop a well-thought-out personal brand.

Before you sell anything — your product, company or service — you sell yourself first. Shift the balance of power in your favor. When you brand yourself correctly, you are seen as more desirable and in demand.

Take large, well~known companies for instance. They understand the marketing power of “branding” a product. They spend a lot of time, money and energy to create a “brand” that is eye catching and appealing enough to sell their products and services. They want to make sure that the buyer has a strong connection with their brand.

Now think of yourself as a company with one employee — you. How much time, money and energy have you spent in developing a “personal brand” that is unique enough to promote, market and sell?  A health and wellness related business who has a well-defined personal brand has more status and a tremendous advantage over the competition in the market place, despite the age and size of the company.  With a great personal brand, you already have your clients half sold and can put yourself far ahead of your competition.



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  1. Great question Kenn and thanks for the comment. I agree with you, I think we’ve all read branding books and have found that the concept is elusive. (Amorphous is a GREAT word by the way!)

    Branding is really a feeling the customer gets, and there are so many elements to creating that perception and “have to have that brand” feeling.

    You must be a mind reader because I have a blog post almost ready to go later this week that has four steps for branding, so check back. 🙂

  2. The concept of brand always felt amorphous to me.

    I even read a few books on branding and still, I feel left without some concrete practical know how on how to “create a brand”.

    What would be the 3 or 5 or 7 main ACTIONABLE steps,pieces,parts of a brand?

    Would defining uniqueness be one?

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