How to Get More Referrals & Clients With the VIP Treatment


You want your clients and colleagues to feel special, and show them that you actually care about them. There are a few great ways to show clients that you are interested in them as people, not just as a way for  you to make money. Most of these suggestions cost you nothing but a few seconds of your time,  others are inexpensive but well worth it!   Remember the saying that people might not always remember what you said, or did, but they’ll always remember how you  made them FEEL.

When your clients feel that you go the extra mile, they  are going to remember you more and feel more loyal about doing business with you. They are also much more likely to send referrals your way, and have a better business relationship with you.

To help your clients feel special, try some of these suggestions:

  1. Connect with your clients and colleagues through social media networks. This is a great way to “get to know each other” and make the business relationship a little more personal. You can set filters on your posts and updates, separating what your business contacts see and what your friends and family see, if you prefer to protect your privacy a little more.  But, having these connections allows you to be more “real” to them, especially if you have never met and have a virtual relationship. Invite them on Facebook, LinkedIn, or other social networks that you use. Plus, the added exposure for you, as you are broadcasted to their networks, is going to be a good thing for your business.
  2. Remember their birthday! Use a calendar on your computer to remind you, and send out a card or even just an email. Or, if you are connected on social media, send them birthday wishes on Facebook, nearly everyone loves the birthday attention!
  3. Send out handwritten thank you notes for business deals. You’d be surprised how impressive this can be, in our digital age. With everything being a “quick email,” the art of the handwritten thank you note is becoming rare—but it should not be lost. Remember what your mother told you, and write that thank you note!

    I just had  12 colleagues join me for a list building venture, and I made sure to send them each a handwritten thank you note that tied in with the theme of the event for a little added fun touch (we had mustached-themed thank you cards and stickers). See the photo above. Cheryl LOVES a theme! 🙂

  4. Send simple but thoughtful gifts.  Fruit baskets, inspiring books or movies, gift cards to coffee shops, calendars, journals, and other items make great reminders for your clients. They will remember you and be more likely to do business with you again in the future when you thank them with a small token of appreciation. I often send clients and colleagues aromatherapy “roll on” essential oils that reduce stress.  It’s a fun and functional gift that sticks around for awhile.
  5. As with any area of your business, if you want to impress your clients, you have to make it a habit to under promise and over deliver, consistently. Wow them at every turn, and they will feel like they are getting the red carpet treatment.

When your clients feel like VIPs, they are going to reward you with their business. Take some time to make sure they feel special. If you are short on ideas, pay attention to how the people you do business with show their appreciation to you. There are tons of great ideas, and these are only a few of the easy ways that you can show your clients that you care and took the time to go the extra mile.

Do you agree or disagree or have any suggestions to add?  Feel free to leave a comment, I’d love to hear your thoughts and know that you stopped by.


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  1. Hi Tony, I”d be happy to chat about your business
    and get a little more information. Feel free to
    email my assistant, [email protected] and she
    will us connected soon. Thanks for the comment and
    your readership! 🙂

  2. Hi Cheryl,
    We are a service business that provides gymnastics instruction. I have been following some of your emails and most seem to be directed at businesses that are of different structures. Word of mouth is our largest advertisement and we are always looking for methods to increase this with our clients. We do send birthday cards to our students. We have sent personal notes to our students. I am wondering if you have any further suggestions for our type of business. We are a small business with a tight budget and not sure if we fit your services.
    Tony Whitaker

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