I need a personal trainer

Boxing ChickI need to hire a new personal trainer.  I have had a fitness trainer for most of the last six years, and in February because of a scheduling issue, I had to stop working with my last trainer.  I thought the right trainer would come along, and in the meantime I would see whether I was ready to work out on my own.  I do yoga three times a week, and I have been faithfully getting on my elliptical cross trainer for 30 minutes a day, but the difference I have noticed is not a reassuring sign that I have taken the right path.  Unfortunately, I had more muscle tone when I was meeting my trainer three times a week.

So I’m interviewing and planning on starting a new program with a new trainer after Labor Day.  I could go to the gym and design a workout for myself on legs day, and chest and arms day, and back/abs day, etc.  But I know that a trainer will push me harder, and will hold me accountable for not missing workouts, and will help me see better and faster results.  Is it worth the money to be healthier and look better?  I believe it is.

Hiring a business coach is similar to hiring a personal trainer.  We might know exactly how to run out business, which marketing methods are most effective, and be able to create a successful business plan, but are we getting the results we want?  Are there days that could be more productive, projects that never seem to get finished, or issues with follow up, client retention, or profits?

Many people consider a personal trainer to be a luxury, however most people will agree that a business coach is a necessity and an investment that pays dividends.  As the business market becomes more competitive due to reduced spending and a strained economy, a business coach can show clients how to increase profits and expand a client base.  A mentor can be just what is needed to help a business become stronger, healthier, and even have more muscle!


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