Is Your Support Circle Filled with Squares?


Practically every study on how to get results, no matter what they are, credits “support” as the common factor for those who accomplish great things.  From weight loss, to quitting addictive habits, to business success, support, mentoring, and resources always part of the equation.

The key is to have the RIGHT support because sometimes it’s a fine line between what looks like support, but really is sabotage.  

I recently talked with a prospective client who said to me, “Well, all my colleagues said that last year was a really bad year for them too, none of us made money.”

I told her she needed to get a new circle immediately because all of MY colleague friends GREW their businesses and had their best year ever!

It’s been proven that if you take the incomes of the 5 people we spend the most time with, and divide that number by five, you”ll come up with YOUR income. Therefore, you can’t AFFORD to hang out with people who don’t live the vision you have for yourself.

Take a look at your circle, and see if you have any “shapes” that don’t belong, because environment is one of the biggest factors for success.

  1. Our beliefs: Our beliefs and limited thinking is almost always created and shaped by those who had the most influence over us as children.  That’s usually our parents and family.   Reflect on patterns that you are exhibiting, and see if they are instrumental, or detrimental for your mission and goals.
  2. Our partners: So often I hear from business owners that they need to get permission from their spouse, business partner, financial manager, guides, etc to get approval on a decision that relates to their business.   As a business owner who is married to a business owner, my husband and I never have asked each other permission to make business decisions.  

    Success is a personal choice, and every investment I have ever made for my business, rested solely on my shoulders.  My business has a credit card that I am personally responsible for, which puts the responsibility where it belongs, on me.  

    If our spouses, partners, financial managers, and guides are great business mentors, we should have wildly successful businesses.  My advice is always this: Don’t take advice from anyone who doesn’t have the result you want.

  3. Our surroundings: My coach always says, “front of the plane, back of the car.”  Meaning, always put yourself in the environment of success.  Fly first class, avoid gross taxi’s, etc.   Everything we do either enhances or detracts from our perception of who we are, and where we want to be.

Start small, make sure that everything around you supports your vision.  Does your wallet make you feel abundant, or broke?  Is your office organized, or chaotic?  Take inventory and then make changes accordingly.   Speaking of support circles, I’m still accepting applications for

If you want a multi-six figure business and you’re surrounded by people who can help you accomplish your goals, they can stay in your circle. 

But, if the shape doesn’t fit, you must prohibit. 😉


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