List of Holidays as a Topic Tool

As a bonus for my subscribers this week, I shared this Topic Tool.  I created a “all on one” page of holidays and a seasons as a reference for blog posts, articles, newsletters, and other types of business marketing.  Practically every type of business can benefit (and cash in!) by relating their services to a current event, holiday or relevant season.

Being that it’s a New Year, any type of wellness, health, and weight loss services are in demand.  Health related businesses should have positioned their companies by having a marketing plan before January began.  It can be helpful to keep this Topic Tool in sight to make sure marketing opportunities don’t slip by.

Be sure to add to this list on a regular basis.  Suggested additions include annual local events, carnivals, traditions, festivals, harvests, or anything that you want to be reminded of.  For example, Cherry Fest is a popular Michigan festival which I could use as a blog and for article/newsletter topics in the month of July.  Michigan is also a leading producer of blueberries, and a growing location for movie filming.  These topics have advantages for creating valuable content and added keywords on my website.

Is there anything that you would suggest I add to my list?

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Monthly Topic Tool


New Year (resolutions, goals, detox, weight loss, etc)


Martin Luther King Day


National heart disease awareness month

Groundhog Day, President’s Day, Lincoln’s birthday

Valentine’s Day



St. Patrick’s Day

Daylight savings, spring break, Passover, sometimes Easter

Weight loss


April Fool’s Day

Spring break, Easter

Tax filing, Earth Day

Weight loss, spring cleanses, get in shape for summer, etc


Mother’s Day

Memorial Day


Last day of school, summer vacation

Summer, swimming, camp

Father’s Day


Fourth of July, summer vacation


Back to school, summer


Back to school

Labor Day




Breast Cancer Awareness month


Rosh Hashanah



Veterans Day


Hannukah, Christmas, Kwanzaa


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