Market Your Business Using The Internet

Let me teach you my internet marketing techniques for
getting 80% and 2-3 potential clients PER WEEK from the

Google my health counseling website Michigan Health Coach or
Cheryl Heppard.   Or Google “health coach” and you’ll see that my

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Promote, Advertise and Market Your Business Using the Internet
To Get More Clients, And  Make Money At The Same Time!

These teleclasses will help you take your business and marketing to the
next level and will save you the expense of hiring internet
marketing consultants and public relations professionals.

Let me show you how to easily and effectively use the internet to
get more clients with the following strategies:

  • The secrets to marketing group
    events, workshops, lectures, etc.,
  • Proven methods in getting your referral partners put on workshops for your clients freeI also will teach you some very simple
  • Tricks in making money every time you send a newsletter,  an email,or recommend a product and even a recipe or article.

You may be missing out on lucrative opportunities
every day to get more clients and make more money.

Ask yourself the following:

How is your current marketing plan working for you?

How many clients do you get from the internet on a weekly basis?

Would you like to have additional streams of income from health
counseling just by doing what you’re already doing?

Interesting in learning how to make money while you sleep?

Are you too intimidated by public speaking to line up lectures?

Are you making money from your newsletter, website, and
articles you’ve written?

Consider hearing what I have to say about using internet marketing to
increase your client base. and using the internet to make money
from what you’re already doing! 


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