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Marketing Materials - Meal PlannerOne of the first things an entrepreneur does is order marketing materials for their newly established company.  Business cards, brochures, and grand opening flyers are the most common ways to promote a new business.  These types of items are great, but are they useful and valuable enough for prospective clients to hold onto for a long period of time?

Sure, some people will hang onto your business card, they may throw it in a drawer, put it in their Filofax (do people still use these?), and they might even scan it into one of those business card organizers.  And brochures might float around for awhile as well, but let’s face it, at least 90% of brochures eventually end up in the garbage.  Of course you can always go the keychain, mug, or t-shirt route as well, but are these an effective means of advertising which reflects your unique company?

It’s crucial to think outside the box when designing promotional materials.  Truly effective marketing relies on giving prospects items which they regard as useful, and will hang onto for frequent or future reference.  I received a few calendars from realtors and insurance agents before the New Year.  These aren’t useful for me, so it’s probably not very likely that I put them up on a wall as the people who sent them to had probably hoped.

I have spent thousands of dollars on graphic designers to create marketing materials that my health counseling clients have found to be useful.  I have created menu templates, meal planners, food journals, portion guides, SuperFood lists, and a food storage guide.  My clients have gotten really excited about all of these tools.

They tell me that they post them up in their kitchen, office, and pantry!  They ask for extra copies for their friends and family.  And I am thrilled to give them extra copies, because my name, logo and contact information are all over these materials!  Imagine, marketing materials that people actually want!

To get futher milege of these materials, I share them on social media sites, and allow people to download them free from my website, which keeps them on website longer and creates stickiness.  These materials are a win/win/win all around.  I also distribute them at lectures, presentations, workshops, and include them in media kits.

If you’re interested in giving your own clients these types of tools and reference guides, I will be selling a limited number of rights to use my materials for a fraction of the price it cost me to have these designed and created.  (Graphic design fees are $150-$275 per page on average for this type of detail)l

First, take a look at these tools, reference guides and handouts.

Get copies of my clients’ SIX favorite handouts and your exclusive rights to use them for your own.  Limited number available!


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