Marketing Package: Internet Marketing and Become Your Own PR Consultant!


Training One:
PR Teleclass: Make Yourself Known As A Local Health Expert!

During this teleclass you will learn exactly how I was able to land a monthly health column, calendar listings in ten monthly publications, seven newspaper articles, two cable TV interviews, and a cable TV show! Go to my website’s In The News page to see some of them for yourself. Being featured in the media gives you instant credibility and will help propel you torward strategic partnerships, consulting jobs, and get you further in the corporate wellness sector. This teleclass is geared for those in the health and wellness field but will be of value for any business owner. I will outline every step I have taken to land each press opportunity and will summarize everything I have learned from the hundreds of dollars spent on marketing and PR books. For less than the price of two marketing books, you will learn exactly what simple steps you should take to make the media work for you.

Class Two:
Teleclass: Promote, Advertise and Market Your Business Easily Using the Internet To Get More Clients, And Make Money At The Same Time!

These teleclasses will help you take your business and marketing to the next level and will save you the expense of hiring internet marketing experts and public relations consultants.

Let me show you how to easily and effectively use the internet to get more clients! I will tell you my secrets to marketing group events, workshops, lectures, etc., and how to get other people to do them for you for free. I also will teach you some very simple tricks in making money every time you send a newsletter, an email, or recommend a product and even a recipe or article. Not taking this teleclass means that you are missing opportunities every day to get more clients and make more money. Let me show you how I made almost $600 dollars last year recycling my newsletters and workshops and how I’ve already made thousands of dollars this year without any extra work! The concept of residual income is something you need to know about and better yet, put into practice!

How is your current marketing plan working for you?

  • How many clients do you get from the internet on a weekly basis?
  • Would you like to have additional streams of income from health counseling just by doing what you’re already doing?
  • Would you like to make money while you sleep?
  • Are you too intimidated by public speaking to line up lectures?
  • Are you making money from your newsletter, website, and articles you’ve written?
  • Do you have multiple streams of income?

If you haven’t answered yes to a majority of these questions, you need to hear what I have to say about using internet marketing to increase your client base. and using the internet to make money from what you’re already doing!

Have you Googled yourself recently?
How many pages are there that have your name?
What do clients see when they Google you?
Would they be impressed?
How high in the search engines is your website for your key words?
What key words are your clients using to find you? Nutritionist? Health coach? Lose weight? etc.

Search engine rank and internet presence are VERY important and are the KEYS to getting clients online. What is the point of having a website if it doesn’t show up when potential clients are searching for the services you provide?

What This Teleclass Includes:
You will glean exactly what I have learned over the course of the last six months by spending THOUSANDS of dollars on books, webinars, and learning from other successful internet marketers. I will outline exactly what you should do to make money from what you’re already doing! Many of these simple techniques will not cost you any money to implement, and will help you to market your business. My first month of trying a few internet marketing strategies brought in an impressive amount of money, and that number grows every month without doing any additional work! In this class I am going to cover the following information:

How to make your website the best it can be, and what it should include for maximal return and to get clients
Ways to promote your business and workshops using the internet in ways you hadn’t considered previously
How to monetize and automate your website
How to make money from your monthly newsletter
How to make money from the articles you have written and use them to drive more traffic to your website
How to make money from recommending the same supplements, health foods, and exercise equipment you already point out to clients during health food tours
How to get potential clients from the internet
How to meet potential referral partners online
How to find out how effective your website is currently
How to set up a store for free filled with your promotional items
How to easily collect and advertise client testamonials
How to create websites, logos, and additional streams of income for FREE
nd much more!!

Price: 347.00 USD