Marketing Tools: Nutrition and Meal Planning Worksheets

It’s crucial to think outside the box when designing promotional materials. Truly effective marketing relies on giving prospects items which they regard as useful, and will hang onto for reference. (View all of the handouts here:

It’s easy to spend thousands of dollars on graphic designers to create marketing materials for a health counseling, personal training or nutrition counseling practice.

I am selling only 50 exclusive rights to use my personal marketing materials which have been a huge success in my private practice. Clients tell me that they post them up in their kitchen, office, and pantry! They ask me for extra copies for their friends and family. Do you get that type of reaction to your current client materials and handouts? Imagine having these handouts shared with your company name and logo on each tool and reference guide!

To get futher milege of these materials, share them on social media sites, and allow people to download them free from your website, which keeps them on your website longer and creates stickiness. Which in turn increases your rank in the search engines!

We are sharing only a limited number of rights to use these materials for a fraction of the price it cost to have them designed and created. (Graphic design fees are $150-$275 per page on average for this type of detail)l

Check out the nutrition tools:

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For a limited time, we are also throwing in a FREE BONUS tool: Perfect Portions, to educate clients how to eat healthy and control their portions.

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Menu Creation Planner
Weekly Meal Planner
Food Storage Guide
Daily Food Journal Template
Super and Not-so-Super Foods
and. . . .
Perfect Portions

Price: 197.00 USD