My New Year’s Resolutions and Yours

New Year Business PlanIt’s so exciting to be writing my first blog post of the year. There is always a lot of writing to do in the New Year!  Besides the holiday thank you cards and checks to write for holiday expenses, it’s that time of year to pen New Year’s goals and resolutions.  Ideally, this should be done in the form of a systematic business and marketing plan.  A great way to get started is by choosing a few big rocks for 2011.

To get you started and possibly inspire you, here are a few commitments I’ve made to the New Year:

1. Express myself: I have decided to better articulate my mission, which is help health and wellness practitioners and experts attract more clients so they can dramatically increase their incomes and afford more health and wellness services for themselves and their families which will create a ripple effect of support within the health and wellness community.  Creating this full circle of health and wellness fuels my dream of making the world a healthier place, which is why I became a health coach in the first place.  I find it so frustrating that so many help~preneurs can barely afford to take care of themselves in the way we all should, which includes lots of self~care and pampering!

2. Launch my  new ventures: I have two very BIG projects that are currently being created by brilliant programmers who know everything you never wanted to know (me either) about html code. The first product will be completed sometime in February, and is going to be something that creates a lot of buzz in the health and wellness industry across the board.  It’s going to be unbelievably fun, educational, and attention getting.

My goal is to market this tool throughout the rest of the year and attend conferences as an exhibitor and speaker for both of these tools. The second project should be completed in late spring and both of these projects will help the health and wellness industry work with more clients in less time and make more money.

3. Create  additional information products: I am a highly creative person and I enjoy the process of coming up with an idea and seeing it through to completion.  I love writing, editing, formatting, and working with graphic designers to create the perfect cover.  Selling products online is also one the most simplest ways of establishing multiple streams of income.  It’s unbelievable fun to leave the gym or a movie theater and see that I made money while I away from my office.  In  2011 I am going to refine, revise, and improve my current products, send updated products to past customers, and create new products as well which will help health and wellness practitioners save time and money.

4. Lead group coaching programs: In 2010 I was more focused on creating products rather than programs.  I am going to flip that ratio around in 2011 by leading coaching programs that are generously packed with information and resources. This will allow me to work with more clients and be a cost efficient way to work with health and wellness practitioners who have a tight budget but need support in creating successful businesses.

What are your resolutions and big rocks for 2011?  If you haven’t created them yet, there is still time.  Fortunately, all of my New  Year’s goals are to help YOU make attract more clients, sell more products, get more website traffic, have access to business coaching, and dramatically increase your profits.  Actually, I’ve pretty much just written your resolutions for you.  Simply print these off and post on your vision board.

Every entrpreneur should be expressing their mission, launch new products and services, and determine how to best help their clients.  Use this as a starting point and write down your inspired ideas for each goal.

1. What my mission is and I will get that across:

2. I will create these services and products:

3. I will help my clients by:

Happy 2011, and thanks for reading. If you have any comments or questions I’d love for your to leave me a comment below.


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