New Year Marketing Plan

New Year 2010The economic outlook for 2010 is not optimistic once again.  It’s easy to  fall into the trap of chalking up a lack of clients to the recession.  Yet it’s much more empowering to turn focus toward the population who are fortunate to have jobs and are spending!

For instance, my business continues to grow every year, and I believe that 2010 will be another great year.  Remember, people always buy what they want.  But how does this apply to nutritionists, health counselors and healthcare businesses?

Consider the fact that “American’s made more visits to non-conventional healers (some 600 million a year) than to MD’s and spend more money out–of-pocket to do so- about $30 billion a year by recent estimates” according to Newsweek.  This may be further exacerbated soon by a socialized healthcare system where American’s will be forced to put more priority of self-care and preventative health rather than overly relying on the medical system.

The National Institute of Health’s office of Alternative Medicine reports that “60% of physicians have referred patients to alternative practitioners, and 80% of medical students want training in alternative therapies”.

Paul Zane Pilzer is a New York Times selling author who first predicted that health and wellness would soon be a trillion dollar industry.  The best way to cash in on this trend is to have a solid marketing plan before the New Year arrives.  Take some time over the holiday to chart out your New Year Marketing Plan.  A solid marketing plan will cover your target market, monthly marketing strategies, and an evaluation of what worked (and didn’t work!) in 2009.

In January I will be offering a free teleseminar on “How to Turn Business Resolutions into Reality” and also will have 2010 Marketing Plan Worksheets available for sale.  More information will be posted here next week as well as on this website.  In the meatime, use this sample marketing plan to get a headstart on 2010.

Sample 2010 5 Step Marketing Plan

1.  WHO: Define Target Market:  What types of clients have you been most comfortable and successful with previously?

2.  WHAT: Define Services: List your services and products, as well as the benefits of features of each.

3. WHY: Determine reasons clients should work with you:  How does your service fulfill clients needs? What are the top five reasons your ideal clients would hire you, and how does  your service meet their needs?

4. WHERE: Create your marketing strategy: Plan where to broadcast your message to your ideal prospective clients, where to pitch your offer, as well as a follow up strategy.

5. WHEN: Set dates and steps in motion:  Define an action plan which includes a step by step strategy which includes dates and launch phases.


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