New Year’s Checklist for a Website that Works

checklist10 Website Tips for New Year Review

Everyone will be getting back to the gym in the upcoming weeks, but is your business in shape?  Here’s a quick overview of details that should be attended to so you’re website is fit for business in the New Year.

  1. Remove your holiday decorations:
    I usually like to add snow and have some fun with my website header, but I add to my Google calendar on January 1st to make sure my webmaster takes down the fun stuff.
  2. Review your opt-in giveaway:
    When was the last time you reviewed your opt-ins and determined your conversion rate? It may be time to test a new offer and see if you can build your list faster in the coming months.
  3. Review your Google analytics report:
    If you don’t have Google analytics, stop reading this post and go set it up now. Be sure to review your stats so you know what’s working and what’s not. Do more of what’s working in the new year, and tweak or stop any strategies that aren’t getting results.
  4. Update your automation:
    Do you have auto responders, thank you pages, and sales pages set up so that your website visitors are being provided with calls to action and opportunities to invest in your products and services?  If you’re using “free” software, remember you get what you pay for and if you’re losing leads and sales, free is too expensive.
  5. Is your bio boring?
    Your “about” page is most likely the second most visited page on your site.  If you have Google analytics set up you can confirm that yourself.  Make sure this page represents your brand, your message and your personality.  Make it more of your life story than a boring bio, people remember stories and will relate to you in a faster and stronger way.
  6. Socialize:
    Your search engine standing and visibility can be improved by integrating your social networks.  Have noticeable buttons that link to your profiles, and allow visitors to engage on your site by sharing your content to their own networks. Encourage comments and participation with calls to action. Be sure to have a Google plus button, and Pinterest as well.
  7. Give your site the stink-eye:
    Look over your site critically and step into the shoes of your ideal client. Is your website dated, cluttered, or not professionally designed? Is there anything that needs to up-leveled in order to up-level your brand and business?
  8. Does your “Contact Me” page work:
    Have you tested your contact forms lately? Test out all your pages and links and make sure they work.
  9. Update your dates:
    Update your dates for your copyright.
  10. Update content:
    Take a look at your privacy policy, refund policy, and any other disclaimers to be sure they are current. 

    When your website looks good, you and your business look better, so make sure you’re both ready to put your best foot forward in the New Year.

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  1. Thank you Cheryl for those helpful tips. You are always so generous with your information

  2. Thanks Cheryl. This is on my To Do List.

  3. Cheryl, I want to thank you for all of your generosity and expertise. Being part of your awesome community has been a huge impact on my business. You are my favorite coach! Hug and much love to you!
    Happy holidays to you and your family!

  4. Good reminders. Thank you. We always forget the copyright one…

  5. Thank you Cheryl for this check list. Will make use of it. 😉

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