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Video testimonial from Steve Lowell


Additional Testimonials

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Andrrea Hess

I found myself featured on the Wall Street Journal, Fox News, ABC News, Yahoo Finance …

David NeagleIncredible! Cheryl worked her magic and, as a result, I found myself featured on the Wall Street Journal, Fox News, ABC News, Yahoo Finance … the list of media outlets went on and on! I even found myself featured in an additional article on Business Insider – all from one press release. I was also ranked in the #1 spot for Google News for the most absolutely perfect keyword for my business! Cheryl has an incredible understanding of what it takes to get media exposure, and how to then leverage that exposure into valuable business leads. I was really stuck on how to craft a “news-worthy” press release that still rang true to my business message. Working with Cheryl opened my eyes to how I could position myself for media coverage in a way that totally supports the work I want to do in the world. If you want to put your business “out there” in a bigger way, work with Cheryl!

David Neagle

David NeagleWhen it came time to up our game with video-marketing, we were well aware what an enormously time-consuming, complicated & pain-staking affair it can be — that has the potential to be a huge loss if you don’t know what you’re doing. But it didn’t take more than a single 20-minute conversation with Cheryl Heppard to make the decision to move forward immediately, with Cheryl taking on the full responsibility of the video script, fast-draw creation, voice-over, back-ground music, animation, editing … everything! With only some basic information for her own research (and absolutely zero hand-holding) Cheryl delivered a completed video that absolutely met our needs within 3 weeks (ahead of schedule), and well under budget. It was completely effortless from my perspective, and I couldn’t be more pleased and proud of the results.

Just Believe,

David Neagle ~ Master Income Acceleration Mentor & Best-Selling Author of The Millions Within


Tracy Gardner

“Before I started working with Cheryl I was overwhelmed with still being in school at IIN and trying to figure out how to grow my business. I have been a business coach/marketing coach and business owner but even coaches need coaches. The first time I spoke with Cheryl I knew she was it! I was looking for a strategy partner and business coach. I have not experienced anything like Cheryl before and I instantly loved working with her. She has such great energy and really knows what she is doing. She keeps me on my toes and very accountable. When I need Cheryl she is just an email away and she is so good at getting back with her clients. I had the opportunity to meet Cheryl in person and she is one of the neatest women I have met and I just adore this woman. I feel I honestly have a business partner when I work with Cheryl. She really is there for you, supporting you and she wants you to succeed! She is worth every penny to me and I can’t say enough about her skills and quality of work. Cheryl will be the best investment you will make- trust me!”

Karen Russell

“Your promotion and publicity coaching has paid off in a big way! By using your teleseminar promotion strategies, Lifetime television’s show The Balancing Act noticed my online announcement and have invited me to appear on their show in February! I’m really excited about this opportunity. Thanks so much for showing me how to market my business with strategies I had never considered before. Your techniques certainly work!”

Christie Korth

“I took several of Cheryl’s internet marketing classes and they were nothing short of outstanding. I was so impressed by her innovative and creative ideas for marketing my nutrition practice. I would recommend her services to anyone who is ready for major success. Since utilizing her lass, I signed 10 new clients in one month! Thanks Cheryl!”


Deb Dittner

“Before working with Cheryl I was kind of at a loss as to where my website really was. All the pages were complete but the site was having difficulty going live. My computer skills have continuously been improving but still I felt stuck in moving it forward as I really wasn’t sure where to go, who to ask for help. Now I am only a short time away from reality and I can actually taste the excitement! Since hiring Cheryl as a business coach, I have learned numerous computer skills with wordpress, AWeber, social media, and can pretty much hyperlink anything. I know I still have more steps to take before I can actually do it all myself without having to be walked through a procedure, but I am getting closer. Cheryl has the patience of a saint!
Raised my rates by 50%, attracted 2 new clients in a week, learned many new skills especially on the computer. Have a couple workshops in the making along with a couple retreats. I just have to keep reminding myself to breathe (as does Cheryl) and to remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day!”


Laura LoCricchio

“Cheryl is always on top of all the latest marketing tools and is always been spot on with all her advice and tips. I am so glad I followed Cheryl’s advice in one of her email tips. The on-line promotion she suggested was a huge success. I received over 600 new clients with one resource she recommended! This was way beyond my expectations. Thanks Cheryl once again for your great advice.”


John Button

“As the newly published author of Reflexive Conversations and its audio-book companion Reflexive Soundscapes, creating visibility and generating a buzz around the launch of my book has been indispensable to its success. Thanks to Cheryl’s social-networking guidance and her strategic marketing tips, I was able to see immediate results: within just 2 days of implementing her advice and approach my webpage received a 450% increase in unique visits. Not only did Cheryl’s expert guidance increase my visibility, but it also created a tremendous buzz about the launch of my book. If you’re honestly looking for strong strategic solutions and high-impact results, then I highly recommend Cheryl Heppard for your business or project!”

Derek Fasi

“We would like to thank Front Street PR for our fantastic website and awesome search rankings. Thanks to your website creation and SEO services, our site is now ranked #2 on Google for our first choice of keyword phrase!!! Contact her today to help your business get the exposure it needs. In the last 6 months since we launched our site, our client base has tripled.”

Kristen White

“Cheryl Heppard is a new media wizard. Whether it’s PR, Branding, graphics and/or SEO, she intuitively knows how to put the sizzle in your site. Her expertise in navigating the demands of the challenging online marketplace allows her to launch your business to high visibility fast –it’s like having a media megaphone telling your clients how to easily find you. Without question, Cheryl is an expert you want in your pocket –even better than a wallet. Her cutting edge ideas are like adding an ATM machine to your website.”

Carolyn Akens

“I just wanted to share with you that I’ve attracted some high profile clients and just landed another one last night from my website. I bought the sports nutrition from you and I wanted to let you know the difference your services have made for me. Your Sports Nutrition package was helpful for me sealing the deal on a contract with a firm in OH to cook for two athletes who were training in Atlanta.

PLUS, thanks to your website coaching on the coaching call, I did what you said and am ranking at the TOP of page ONE on Google for my keyword phrases. Thank you for your help my angel. You’re SO phenomenal! You are doing great things for people like me and I am very thankful.

Joyce Harrell

“After my very FIRST coaching session with Cheryl in her Private Platinum program, she showed me how to increase product sales on my website, increase my open rate and attract more subscribers. I was ecstatic when I saw that I had ELEVEN sales in one week, and added an additional twenty percent to my list. Wow, I can’t wait to see what is going to happen next!”

Kristen White

“Cheryl you’re amazing!! Thanks for getting me on Forbes with yet another killer press release. You’re the most talented PR specialist and you know your stuff like no one else. You’ve made my new websites look fantastic, and your combination of marketing knowledge just blows me away. I’ve worked with a lot of marketing experts, but you’re a stand out. I’m so grateful for all your help.”


Mark Perkins

“Cheryl helped me position and target my app to exactly the customer base I was looking for, both within Google searches and the iTunes App Store. By acknowledging and leveraging the right keywords and tactics she helped bring my universal iOS app from 200+ downloads a day to well over 2000 downloads a day. Positioning the app in the top 50 of the categories it resides on the Apple iTunes Store. As well, bringing over 23,000 syndications of the press release on the web, ranking my app on the top of the first page search results. When it comes to making the right decisions, and deciding which techniques to apply, Cheryl proved to me that overall experience matters most.”

Gwen Manthei

“Working with Cheryl in my recent VIP Day was an inspiring and encouraging experience. Cheryl’s sincere concern for me as a person as well as a health coach, gave me the confidence to move forward with my business. She helped me see how I could develop products from materials I already have and gave me some excellent ideas of ways to grow my business. Cheryl’s guidance gave me information that has re-inspired me to move forward and not to give up!”

Crystal Reinwald

“I was struggling with getting my business started prior to my VIP day with Cheryl. I was coming from a place of fear and not of service. I absolutely love what I do and I don’t know if I would be in this place already if it wasn’t for my VIP day.”

After the VIP Day, I went from having a fear of taking a clients money to making $2000 in one day. The follow up calls keep me accountable and allow me to share any questions or experiences with Cheryl. She really does care about me and my business.

I learned in one day with Cheryl what it would have taken me months to learn with other coaches. I never thought that when we started our day that we would accomplish everything on my list but we did it all and much much more. After attending a health conference with hundreds of health coaches, I shocked them with my confidence in my pricing and in how much I knew after just starting my business. The bottom line is this, if you want to get stuff done now, INVEST IN YOURSELF!!!

Sandra Everett

“Before connecting with Cheryl, I was floundering with which direction to take my business. I was feeling very stuck. Having a VIP day with her opened up my mind and eyes. She is such an insightful and creative person, and at the time, I thought I really lacked. Cheryl helped me to hone in on my new 90 day program and set up my own VIP day with clients. By the end of the day with her, my mind was going in circles, but not from overwhelm, it was full of ideas. I had an event coming up three days later and this gave me a surge to make some slight changes and as a result I was putting potential clients on my calendar, created a class that’s already filling up and will be sold out weeks before it takes place and plans to create an awesome product. I appreciate Cheryl for who she is and her honest commitment to my success as a health coach. Thanks Cheryl!”

Denise Holsapple

“Before my VIP Day with Cheryl I had so many pans on the fire that I didn’t know how to put them all together for one meal! I spent a lot of time just putting out the fires. After my VIP Day I finally have a blueprint to follow! Cheryl and her expertise have made all the difference in my business succeeding. I highly recommend working with Cheryl. Remember the definition of insanity, “Keep doing the same things, expecting different results” Cheryl helped me get off my broken wheel and on to one that works!”

Joyce Harrell

“I want to let others know just how much I appreciated your insight and invaluable support during our VIP day! The marketing plan we created together is definitely going to add thousands of dollars to my income very quickly. It was worth every penny and more to learn how to structure my marketing plan, packages and programs. If any of you are sitting on the fence wondering if you really need to have a business coach, let me be the one to tell you… you do. Do it! Get off the fence and take a step! That first step is always the hardest.”

Karen Russell

“Before I had my VIP Day with Cheryl, I wasn’t sure how to take my business to the next level. Now I have a plan and ideas of what to do next and things to implement that will propel me forward! It was a lot of information that I needed to guide me in the right direction and Cheryl is very knowledgeable and gave me a lot of guidance. Thanks Cheryl for a wonderful, enlightening day!”

Wendy Martens

“My VIP day with Cheryl was incredible. She is so knowledgeable in her field that she provided me with a wealth of information to allow me to jump-start my business. I have been struggling for 3 years to really launch my business but was so unaware of how to optimize, and grow my list so that I could continue to grow my business and myself. I’ve had very few clients, had a dead list, am running out of money and Cheryl helped me to see a clear way through my fog.

The VIP day and the knowledge accrued is definitely going to change my business. I have very detailed steps to accomplish and most of all believe that I can achieve them—which is huge. I have received coaching from others, but I have never learned to implement all the information provided and felt lost. Not with Cheryl!

If you are considering working with Cheryl on a VIP day, I would say sign up as fast as possible—the longer you wait, the longer it will take to get your business to soar.

And, one other little bit of information—Cheryl’s VIP day is fun and so is she! She is so down to earth and straight forward that you’ll be amazed at how the time will fly—you just want it to go on and on…”

New Pathway to Health, LLC

Darren Glascock

“Before my VIP Day with Cheryl I was having trouble getting a clear vision of who my ideal client would be and what my plan of action would be to make it all happen. After having my VIP Day I now have a clear idea of who my ideal client will be. Cheryl also helped me design my own VIP Program to offer my clients. Now that I have these strategies in order and my own attractive program to offer my clients I plan on 2013 being a very prosperous year for me, my clients and my business. I feel that this is the best investment I could have made for myself and my business. Cheryl is very intuitive and knows how to help you take your business where you want to go. Cheryl has an ability to come up with creative ideas that will attract the clients you want. My VIP day was fun, focused and to the point. I am so happy I decided to do a VIP day.”

Ekaterina Morrissey

“My business was struggling both in finding my target market, and the appearance/composition of my website. With Cheryl’s assistance, I have a vision forward in the creation of my website, along with a focused plan on how to approach my target market. The VIP day has shown me a number of directions that I will take my business (no one ever said this would be easy) and really has given me a path to the top- or wherever I want to take it. I feel empowered and in control of both my destiny and my business. For anyone thinking of doing this VIP day- it will improve every facet of your online marketing and website strategy.”

Shala Kilmer

“Cheryl is the most knowledgeable person you’ll ever run across to help you with every aspect of developing a very successful business. I’d say she’s spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to learn what she knows, continues to learn from the best coaches, and, I’m sure, takes all their knowledge and skill and fits all the information all together to have a jigsaw puzzle without a couple of pieces gone.

Everyone I know who went to Cheryl’s Boot Camp in October 2012 is hugely impressed with her and wants to attend the upcoming List Spike Spring Training this April 2013.

Thanks Cheryl, you truly are The Bomb!”


Rommy Kirby

“Our 2-day Enlightened Mastermind training intensive in FL helped me recognize that I wasn’t alone in my business goals and challenges. I learned and accepted that perfection is not necessary to my success. Rather it’s actually a block, not only to my business growth but my creativity, my desire to inspire and willingness to be of service. It was holding me back, much like shackles of Jean Valjean’s past held and haunted him. Learning that being a solo-preneur does not mean I have to do everything myself, that it is okay to hire someone to do what I don’t like doing will free me to work on my revenue producing and moving my business towards my vision. Cheryl’s ability to tap into the skills and mindset issues that will bring the most value to my business are why I recommend you attend List Spike Spring Training!”

Michael Burkey

“Thanks so much Cheryl for a wonderful VIP day! You opened my eyes to new opportunities! Your advice to raise my prices, create a new fun brand, develop new products to increase my sales funnel, tips on lead generation, etc. etc. were right on! I’ve already implemented some of them and am actively working on the others.

I’ve been very successful in building my business over the past several years but knew I had come to a sticking point in being able to go to the next level. I needed someone just like YOU to help me get there. I’m so glad I found you and look forward to our continued working together.”

Sharon J

“Cheryl was great in mentoring me on how to increase the amount of people on my distribution list and ensure the quantity of followers remained high. She also enhanced my marketing efforts and implementing steps that will receive a stronger ROI. Since I have completed the program, I have gained an immense amount of new strategies that will help me.

My confidence level when speaking to my clients has improved when I am selling my clients products and services that they will truly love. Because of Cheryl Heppard I now have a forward thinking direction and a well-defined strategy for my business.”

Wendy Martens

“I am so thankful to you, Cheryl Heppard, for helping me to step into Corporate Wellness speaking. I was stuck in how to contact Corporations and was a bit fearful of cold calls. With Cheryl’s incredible skills at writing Press Releases and teaching me the process, I was called just days after my release about my Corporate Programs. Out of the blue, an organizer called me to sponsor a table at their Corporate Health Fair. While I was there, I met the HR person from the very large Law Firm, and have an appointment to present my Corporate Wellness Programs to her and the Company. I wouldn’t have procured this meeting without the incredible kills, teaching abilities and kindness of Cheryl Heppard”

Shala Kilmer

” Before I started Training with Cheryl Heppard I didn’t have any idea how powerful social media and networking could be.

Cheryl taught me to write interesting newsletters and how to write an effective message to send out through social media.

She has helped me, with creating a professional, inviting image on social media to attract new clients.

Cheryl has gone beyond to help me by contacting local media and DBusiness is running an article in the November/December issue on how social networking has expanded my business!

I know Cheryl Heppard is in the highest tier of business coaches. She invested in a lot of training from the top people in various areas of business development, including social networking, and continues to learn all that she can. She has absorbed and retained information from experts in various areas and puts that knowledge together to offer a more comprehensive approach.

to build your business and create greater success! You can’t do better than to work with Cheryl!”