How To Promote Events For A Successful Turnout

The “How To Promote Events For A Successful Turnout” e-book is PACKED with marketing tips to help make sure your next workshop, lecture, presentation, or class is a huge success! I have included my top 35 ways to get the word out and bring in participants. This e-book is based on my experience with promoting a cooking class. We went from begging people to come for free, to having to turn people away because our classes were filled to capacity! With my marketing strategies, we were featured in practically every local magazine and newspaper and we dominated the internet. We canceled that class a year ago and I still get calls from people every month who want to sign up. I will teach you every marketing method I used to help make sure your next event is a success. This guide will help you how determine who your ideal participant is, where to find them, how to create marketing materials and includes my 35 best marketing strategies, a template for creating your marketing plan, and some resources and event location ideas, some you have probably NEVER thought of! EVENT MARKETING OUTLINE Chapter 1 Introduction- The importance of marketing and experience Chapter 2 Create a Marketing Plan Chapter 3 Determine Your Target Market Chapter 4 Create Your Marketing Flyer Chapter 5 Marketing Methods Chapter 6 Sample Marketing Plan Template Chapter 7 Resources Chapter 8 Event Location Ideas This e-book is packed with information that you can use TODAY, no fluff or filler. Saves time by getting right to what you need the most, a LIST of places where you can market your event! Guaranteed to be the best marketing book you have ever found!

Price: 39.00 USD