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Learning how to attract clients that are looking for what you have to offer is one of the most effective ways to get effortless leads and clients. Bringing more opportunities to your website isn’t difficult if you understand basic website optimization techniques. For instance, if you have a corporate lecture that you would like to promote to get booked for more workshops, simple SEO techniques might be all it takes to fill your calendar.

The goal is to get your website listed on page one of the search engines to dramatically increase your exposure and traffic. The higher your website is ranked, the more visitors and potential customers your site will attract. Depending on what type of website you have, the easier or harder this will be to accomplish. (By the way, the best website to have for SEO purposes and many other reasons, is WordPress.)

These techniques can work very well for local search terms which aren’t highly competitive. You aren’t going to get on page 1 for a competitive term like “corporate stress” without working a lot harder, but you may have an excellent chance of ranking well for your state or city+corporate stress, depending on how competitive that search term is currently.

The first step is to do a little keyword research using a free or paid keyword research tool to investigate which search terms are the most ideal. For the purpose of our example, let’s use “Michigan corporate stress” as a keyword phrase. Look for a phrase that gets some action, but not too much. 2,000 to 5,000 searches per month is a good range.

Once you have narrowed down your keywords, you are ready to get optimizing!

Here are the top five ways to optimize your website using your keywords of choice.

1. Create a page with your keywords in your title. If you have a WordPress site, simply click “add a page”, then title it using your keywords.

2. Write a compelling description of your workshop, using your keyword phrase at least a few times within your content. Use bold type the first time you mention your keyword phrase. Be sure to use your keywords as early in your paragraph as possible, but don’t overuse it either. Three times should suffice in a 300 word post.

3. Add a photo of your ebook cover or whatever photo that you have to accompany your post. Use your keyword phrase if it’s appropriate for your photo in your alternate text tag.

4. Write an article or a press release about your workshop or product and use your keyword phrase. Hyperlink your keyword phrase once or twice back to your page and post it on press release distribution sites.

5. If you have a WordPress site, use your All in One SEO plugin to create meta tags and further optimize your page.

These simple SEO strategies might be all you need to get your website for page one using the keywords for which you want to be highly ranked. All of these tasks should take less than an hour. Give it a few days and then Google yourself to see whether you’ve been moved to the head of the class by Google.


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