Social Media Bootcamp

Is this program right for you?
This program is designed for those who are new to social media and those who are using it every day.
We will show you how to start using social media at its basic core, and then leap forward with advanced strategies and tactics that will stretch your mind to appreciate ideas that some people don’t even know.
This bootcamp is also good for both business owners and professionals who don’t yet have an appreciation for why and what it takes to build a relationship with their customers, clients or patients.
People want to belong to and be part of a group of people they like, trust and believe in. You will learn how to create that sort of bond with your own fan base of customers and clients.

“Great Intro to Social Media class! I’m taking your Social Media Bootcamp program, I just signed up. Your intro class showed me how much I don’t know about social media and I’m looking forward to moving forward even further!” Phyllis McCarthy

“Thanks Cheryl! I just reviewed your social networking information and I was impressed. You put together great material, and it was well worth the investment for me”. Eve Isaacson Fogler

We’ll help you navigate the maze of Online Marketing Tools that are on the internet today, and we’ll work WITH you to select those tools best suited to promoting YOUR business, show you how you can easily incorporate simple marketing steps into your schedule and teach you how to turn online prospects into real paying customers.

At the end of the Workshop Series, you’ll have:
1. A solid understanding of why you need to use Online Marketing Tools for your business
2. The right mix of Tools to attract prospects and customers to your website
3. How to implement those tools easily and effectively

You will receive four weekly Training Sessions, each of which include a study guide and complete checklists. Each module will give a complete overview of the four BIGGEST social networks, with step by step instructions of how to take best advantage of each of these sites to build your business, connect with new clients, and networkork with referral partners and join venture partners.

Take away: your own Online Marketing toolbox, checklists and systems.

Modules will cover the following social media sites:

Twitter: What exactly is it and how does it work? Is it right for your business? We’ll help you figure it out and tell you how to get started.

Facebook: Should you use the most popular social media tool? How can your business benefit?

LinkedIn: Professionals use this for networking. Can you use it for your business? If so…how?
YouTube, Blogging and Social Bookmarks (and sites like Yelp): The advantages of all of these sites and how do they fit into your business.

* Which social media channels are worth the time and which are time wasters.
* The single correct mindset you must have when dealing in social media. Violate this important rule and all your efforts are in vain.
* The changing face of Twitter. How to ride the wave and not get buried under it.
* What Facebook doesn’t tell you. How to avoid getting your account suspended. (It’s more common than you think.)
* How to integrate social media into your business and why you ignore it at the risk of leaving money on the table.
* The wrong way to do social media. It’s the way everyone is doing it. You’ll be doing it correctly.

Take away: A Roadmap for an effective Online Social Media Strategy for each of the sites above, which include how to craft a compelling profile that encourages more traffic to your website, automation tools to utilize, and where NOT to automate, how to promote events, create business profile pages, find networking partners, and much much more.

Also receive the following bonuses:
o BONUS 1: Powerpoint visual aids for the first three classes ($97 value)
o BONUS 2: Resource Guide: 20 Twitter Tools and Resources ($27 value
o BONUS 3: Action checklists: Complete checklists for each course for daily action steps ($77 value!)

Sign up NOW and get all FOUR of the above social media trainings, PLUS ALL of the three bonuses above! A total of $945 worth of trainings and tools for only $197!

These trainings aren’t basic “how to set up your profiles” type of general information. You will learn all the insider tricks, tips, advice, and resources you need to increase your profits and build your business with social media. Sign up now!

What This Boot Camp Includes:
* Four weekly recordings to listen to at your leisure.
* Complete study guides with outlines of content each week
* Checklists, handouts, and materials
* Facebook module
* Twitter module
* LinkedIn module
* Blogs/YouTube/Yelp/Ning


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