Internet Marketing:

I hired Cheryl as a marketing consultant, and it was the best decision! I’m not a computer savy person which was why I hired Cheryl in the first place. In just two days, I started making money from my website, and writing articles and submitting them online! I’m driving more traffic to my website (which is www.kneadwellness.com), and I now have other ways to market myself, as well as different products that people can purchase who visit my site.

-Katie Alfieri HHC, Knead Wellness, New York

PR Consultant Teleclass:

“Cheryl’s Teleclass was very informative. I have been looking for new ways to share my business with others, in particular through the Internet and Media outlets, and I left the Teleclass with a new bag of tools to try the very next day. Thanks Cheryl.”

– Dr. Jeff Rosenberg D.C., New York

Cheryl’s teleclass on “Become your own PR Consultant” has done just what I had hoped it would do for me! It has inspired me to step into action and to get busy formatting and writing press releases and to organize contact information and venues. Her clear, concise and well organized outline was easy to follow. The 45 minute call was time and money well spent with good detail and direction for any start up or small business owner who needs to address this area of business. I look forward to her future calls.

– Amie Hall, Health Counselor and Cooking Coach, Fairfield, CT.

“Cheryl, GREAT JOB!! Your teleclass was excellent. I liked your enthusiasm, passion and organization. You really explained the topic in a way that made it feel very do~able. You gave detailed instructions on how to make PR happen for your business. Totally worth the $40 and more!! Thank you.

– Maggie Wiandt CHNC, AADP Certified Holistic Nutrition Counselor

This teleclass is packed with useful information. Cheryl did a fantastic job of presenting the information in an organized and entertaining manner. It is going to take me months to implement all the great ideas Cheryl presented. I am so psyched about saving all the money as now I feel confident I can truly be my on PR agent! I would recommend this to anyone who want to get more publicity for their business.

– Wendy Koebel, LMSW, ACSW, EFT-ADV

Cheryl’s public relations tele-class was a great learning experience. The information was very educational and well communicated. This would have taken me years to learn on my own. The power point presentation makes the process very easy to follow and I found the bonus notes to be a great resource. Thank you Cheryl for putting this information together and sharing it!

– Douglas Van Dalinda HHC~ www.LifeofFitness.com


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