The 3 Ways Membership Sites Create Celebrity Status For Your Business

Membership site celebrity statusOne of the biggest keys to success is to secure more sources of revenue highly leveraged manner. That way, when things slow down in one area, there are other revenue streams to make up the difference. Every entrepreneur should strive to create additional sources of income on a regular basis. One excellent way to bring in extra money is by creating a membership site. There are many benefits to creating this type of site other than extra revenue.

Membership sites can help you to boost your celebrity status and establish you business as an authority. Membership sites provide a way to work with more clients in less time, and capture clients who might not be able to afford working you with you privately. This allows you to capture more leads and produce more income. One excellent way to do this is by having a strategic marketing plan which includes creating a membership site.

There is no way around it, as an entrepreneur, your time, energy, and resources are limited. You can only work with a limited number of clients per year before your allotted resource of TIME is taken up. How can you expand your vision of helping people and make the huge impact you’re dreaming of making? It’s simple. By setting up a membership site you can nstantly expanded your products, services and investment options and make it possible to help MORE clients.

It’s simple because once your site is set up, you can offer it to thousands of potential clients. Your membership site allows you to upsell clients who purchase your low end investment products and services, and also gives you the opportunity to downsell to clients who aren’t ready to invest in your higher end coaching. You also can set up a membership site as a way to continue working with clients as a maintenance or continuity program. The possibilities are infinite.

The icing on the cake is the celebrity status you will enjoy just by having a membership site. There are three ways you become an instant celebrity the first time you create a membership site:

1. Rock Star Status: A membership site is a central and organized place where you are established as the leader just by being the organizer. Your members are part of your community who look to you for information, help and resources. It’s a club, and you’re not only a member, you’re the president. Which makes you a rock star to your band.

2. Social Proof: As the creator of your club, and the voice they often hear on group teleclasses, recordings, videos, etc., you have tangible proof that you are an expert within your niche, and your community of members are social proof that you are a leader. The moment your site is created you can add “creator of ________, the exclusive membership site for ______________” to your bio. It’s impressive, isn’t it?

3. Buzzworthy News: Your loyal and raving fans are sure to sing your praises from the rooftops. This gives you added social proof and a natural source of testimonials and further marketing opportunities to turn members into private coaching clients. Membership sites are also big news that you can turn into media and press opportunities and gives you another website to add to your email signature line.

Your celebrity and authority status will rise dramatically with your membership site. Not only that, but so will your impact on the world and your potential for increased income.

Have you considered creating a membership site? What has held you back? Leave me a comment, I’d love to get a conversation going.


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  1. Thanks for the comment Kenn and the question. I think most entrepreneurs struggle with creating their first website. As you know, it’s so crucial to get it right the first time so it has the perfect mix of marketing and message that will attract traffic which converts to clients.

    I agree with you, membership sites are perfect for even new health coaches, and old ones too. ๐Ÿ˜‰ They are a great way to build a business, there is no reason to wait.

  2. Here is the link to my upcoming program, “The Secrets to Creating Lucrative Membership Sites: Four Simple Steps to Additional Streams of Income”

  3. One thing I wonder about too much is what is the ideal website for a new health professional (coach, counselor, etc)?

    I know this will likely depend on what they are trying to accomplish (1on1 clients, sell a product, group classes, etc) and their strengths (can write loves to give talks, loves the web).

    I also know that low cost products are a good move for making quick income, qualifying prospects, and building credibility.

    I see membership sites as one possible way to get started building a following.

    Hmmm … known anyone who started with a membership site straight out the starting gates?

  4. Hi Mary Jo, WP does have excellent membership site capability. is a WP site, we are using WishList plugin and SimplePress for the forum.

    We do set up membership site for clients, and funny you should ask. . . . . I’ll be talking about that on the call tonight:

    Thanks so much for the comment. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Does wordpress have a membership site service available? I think I heard something about “buddy site” within wordpress.

    Do you assist with membership site set up and what are some useful membership site links to view?


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