The Difference Between Success & Status Quo (Business Advice from Three Dog Night)

Last week I was presenting two back to back 45 minute trainings to a yearly coaching conference.  I was speaking about how to set up marketing systems which attracts ideal and lucrative clients, and builds a community that creates automated revenue. It was an awesome group of people, and I had a blast.

And they gave me food for thought, and a blog post.
After both presentations, a few people asked me, “Do you ever SLEEP!?”. 

I smiled and pointed out that the systems I just shared with the group allow me to sleep very well, because I often wake up to cash flow that happened while I was out cold.  And sleeping sales are my favorite thing to wake up to, after my Starbucks.

It was interesting to witness two very different reactions to the strategies I presented. As I drove home, I thought about the disparity in reactions, which reminds me of the survival of the fittest concept.
Several people approached me after my presentation to find out how they could talk with me further about how I could help grow their businesses faster.  Those same three people took action to schedule a time to talk with me the following week, and even sat next to me at lunch and later in the afternoon to chat further.
I’m quite sure that of the 70 people in the room, the latter three will easily have the most success before their organization’s next yearly conference in 2014. Why?  Because they are decisive, success driven, action takers.
The coaches who wondered if I ever sleep reminded me of many other business owners who I’ve talked with over the years, but get overwhelmed and stuck when contemplating the time and work in building a business.
The ironic part of it was that the point of my presentation was all about leveraging technology opportunities and combining it with proven sales strategies is what creates so much more fun and freedom as a business owner. Still, some people will avoid the work of change.  And that’s ok, not everyone has the motivation to expand their marketing and/or revenue. 
The difference between entrepreneurs who let themselves stay stuck because there’s too much to do, and those who seek help to build their businesses faster, is all the difference between success and status quo. 
Many people become overwhelmed or scared off by next steps, no matter how many there seemed to be.  The paralyis by analysis phenomenon is well documented. But to stay on the path to success, it’s important to keep an eye on the dreamy destination that and believe it isn’t out of reach.
It’s been proven again and again that the most successful entrepreneurs find that delegation and mentoring are the fool-proof sherpas that no traveler or business owner on an unfamiliar journey should be without. 

The status quo section often struggle to look beyond the steep and looming steps ahead, and although they’d like to get to the top and take in the view, they struggle to see past the steps, the sore hamstrings, and the blisters.  They envision themselves as solo-preneurs in the most literal sense.

I don’t know of any successful business owners who made it to the top without at least a few sleepless nights, hard work, and a lot of help in the form of mentors and lots of helping hands.  When a goal seems too big to tackle alone, it’s time to look around and find some help to get it done.
It takes a village to raise a business, and I think Three Dog Night said it best in their hit song, “One is the Lonliest Number.”
Where are you lonely in your business?  When will you be ready to find your success sherpa?   Please leave me a comment below and let me know your thoughts or questions, I’d love to chat. 

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  1. Thanks Deb, one IS the loneliest number, that was the first time
    I had an audience for that presentation, and the feedback I got
    was so invaluable, and will shape my next presentation. Many things
    in business are scary at first, we just have to get comfortable being
    uncomfortable. It’s the #1 thing policy that has helped me grow my business.

  2. Great points, Cheryl. As one who was there (working the conference, mostly, as the Open Space sherpa) – “One is the Loneliest Number” – together, we can do so much.

    There is fear out there that can isolate us. For example, technology and new terminology like “Opt-In” pages can be scary. Yet the internet also provides us the great freedom and abundance of finding answers most questions, if we just ask.

    I was on your Public Relations call and received a lot of value from it. I’m glad we have someone like you in Michigan who really understands the world of online marketing, sales as well as tools that provide great results and what it takes to get there.

    I’m following up with you. ~ Deb

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