The Top 3 Benefits of Branding Your Business

branding report card

What is your branding report card?

Your business needs to create a positive image in the minds of your ideal clients and prospective customers. Contrary to what most people believe, branding isn’t just a logo, color, or tagline. Your company purpose, focus, and image all combine in a holistic way to create your brand.

So why is branding something you need to add to your marketing plan?  Below are just a few benefits of the many benefits to having a brilliant brand image:

1.  Be Unforgettable: It’s hard to remember a company with a generic name, or something difficult to say or spell.  It also can be diffiuclt to distinguish the purpose and business focus of a company with a name like Angelie~Vous.

Ever see French business names and wish you hadn’t taken three years of Spanish?? (I’m with you). And why would you call a company if you couldn’t tell what they did? Branding your business ensures consumers will know what you’re about.

Also make sure that your logo, colors, design and message are clear, concise, and compelling.  A professionally designed image which is reflected in all of your marketing and media will work together to emblazon your brand on their brains.

2. Loyalty Granted: It’s a known fact that people build close bonds with brand identities. Consumers want quality products they can trust. So, your business should have an identity that your customers can cling to.  If your company delivers great products and services and has a great brand identity, people will remember you. And even better, they will often refer you to their friends and family.

3. Rock Star Status: There is also the goal of having people who haven’t yet done business with you to know who you are and what you do. If they land on your website, get one of your newsletters fowarded to them, see you on Facebook or Twitter, or even see your ads on billboards, radio, or television, or any other media, they will know your brand identity. And when the time comes that they need your product or service, your company will be the first to come to mind.

Consumers will pay you well for having a well branded image. We are a very brand conscious society. People commonly associate brand names with quality and may only buy certain brands for that reason. Do your ideal clients like to shop at certain stores, wear particular brands of clothing or shoes, and in generally prefer to buy the best?  When customers prefer well known brands, they are willing to pay a higher price.

Having a great brand will help your company have a superior image that gives you an edge over competitors and allows to earn more income and even raise the cost for working with you.  It also can influence consumers to completely forget about your competition.


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  1. Thanks for another great article Cheryl! As I’m tweaking my current website and will be launching a new one shortly for a different purpose, I’m realizing how important branding really is. Also, thanks for giving us the big bottom line reminder about brand uniformity- the more people can recognize your brand as premium, the more they are willing to pay. Thanks again, Erin

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