Top Four Ways to Use Testimonials Effectively

Using testimonials

Use photos for testimonials

Using testimonials is a powerful way to attract clients to your health and wellness practice.  If you’re a weight loss coach, having raving clients who have lost weight with your services will make your programs much more tempting to new clients.   Using testimonials will be effective if you keep the following strategies in mind.

1.Use photos and websites along with the names of your satisfied clients.  Not only does it make your testimonials more credible, the URLs make it possible for your prospects to possibly check with them as a reference.  Think about it, how believable is a first name and last initial?  Photos add an underlying message when prospective clients see people who they can relate to if they are about the same age, gender, size, etc.

2.If possible, add audio or video.  This would also add more “believability” to your testimonials.  Also, it’s easier for your customers to express their positive experience from benefiting from your programs and services through their own personal touch i.e. voice or video.

3.Present the testimonials in a nice yellow-shade box. Light Yellow has been shown to be the ideal color for testimonials in boxes.  Alternatively, you can go for “gray” shade depending on your sales copy’s color scheme.  Spend time formatting your testimonial page so it looks professional and attractive.

4.Make sure your testimonials are results-oriented.   Your testimonials shouldn’t simply say, “Wow Cheryl! You’re great!”  It should express how your service was of benefit to the client.  Ask your clients to write a testimonial that describes their situation before they hired me, compared to after using my service.

Keep these strategies in mind and your testimonials will be a powerful tool that helps your website attract more clients and profits!


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