Two Branding Opportunities With BIG Pay Offs

Business coachingAs a marketer, when branding your business or product you need
to be on the lookout for hot prospects and opportunities at all
times. These need to be taken advantage of whenever you possibly can.
It is important to use every opportunity to get your services or programs
the exposure they need by using the right methods, of course. These
methods may include going to trade shows, networking events or
other public events.

When you attend trade shows and other events the goal is to
present a professional and seasoned appearance. If you just
have a table set up with a few products on it then customers
may not take you seriously. Attending events like this require
professional flyers, banners, signs, and other things to get the
attention of attendees. It is important to be well prepared and
present a well-branded, cohesive display.

Decide what you want to achieve on the day of the event. It may be to
launch a new product, gain leads for new customers or in this case to
establish your brand. You may want to meet the media through
interviews or a press release. Whatever your objectives, set
yourself specific goals and targets.

Remember the more events you attend the more your name gets
out there and the more you establish your brand. You will also want
to keep in mind that trade shows are an opportunity to meet
customers, suppliers, competitors and business partners.

They also offer you a chance to get some new ideas. You may
notice some businesses are using a service or technology you
were unaware of, or you may discover a marketing method that
had not occurred to you before.

Know who the audience is going to be, before you decide to
attend an event. Before you even book a booth at a show you
need to consider the people who will be attending and how to
target them. If you offer a number of products or services decide
which one will be of most interest to these potential customers. You
want to reach out to the targeted audience for your product or
service. Don’t attend events that your audience would not attend.

Media attention needs to be used to your advantage. There are
many ways to do this. One thing to keep in mind is that your
product and your brand do not have to be fully established yet to
gain the attention of the media. What is important is that you use
the media to help you get established.

The media can be used in many ways. Press releases are one of
the best things you can do to get the exposure you are looking for
and help you create a place in the industry of the business.

A press release is usually used for announcing grand openings for
new businesses, new product launches, big sales and events, or
anything else new that is happening within a company.

The elements of a press release should include the event itself,
why people will benefit going to it, the location, date, and time of
the event. If you don’t tell people where to go it will do you no
good. You should also provide your company contact information
in case the media wants to call you to get an interview or even
write a story on the company. Customers may have questions.
Without contact information it could cost you a lot of business.
Also, always include your website address in a press release so
people can go to your site and learn more about who you are.


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